#STWT Show 234: The State of Proxy World War Three and the Brink of Nuclear Warfare. War Games.

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This is #STWT show number 234. Tonight we will be deep diving the internet again to expose the bankers plans to destroy the world and take it over. The plans for world war three are exposed and hopefully stopped.

The show started off with some comedy and the news of my new banning from another platform, this time Discord. Now the pirate crew will rebuild again on Telegram, see link below. I gave a shout out to J Wilderness for achieving over 9000 on Themtube, and we discussed why Censorship is good for our society lol. Join the crew on Telegram: https://t.me/titusfrost

The Climate Emergency fund got completely identified as the funder of Stop the Oil, Extinction Rebellion etc. Turns out the CEF is a 501c3 Tax Free Charity and their IRS filing reveals it is run by Trevor Nielson the CEO of Wastefuel. Wastefuel is connected to Maersk financially and Maersk is an advocate for the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative. Thus the Stop the Oil protestors are being funded to conduct criminal activity by the Climate Emergency Fund which is a 501c3 and produces it’s own version of waste oil for Maersk.

Next subject is the War in Ukraine and the main discussion point of the show. The bankers want a world war between the Oceania states and the Belt and Road Nations, and they are doing everything they can to light the powder keg they created. We analyzed the outcome of a full out nuclear war, and the possible use of small tactical nukes. We took into account new technologies such as tungsten rods dropped from space, and the future of robotic and space warfare. There are no winners as war games showed us.

The Ukraine war continues to be an obvious forever banker war with no real winners. The Russians are demolishing Ukrainian infrastructure as predicted. The Nordstream 2 players are identified and the new pipelines that will shape the world shown. Who benefited from the Nordstream 2 sabotage? Can critical infrastructure be destroyed by hacking? Is the Lebanon Gas deal a part of the banker plans? Why is Iran working with Ukraine and Russia to deliver drones to the front lines? What is the Belt and Road Initiative really?

Next up was the clown world political leaders. The Secret of Oz is the bankers are the problem and there is no fixing the economy so long as we are in a debt monetary system. Biden is eating ice cream, and black rock is taking over the UK economy. Paul McCartney is an illuminati idol, Peter Strzok is an idiot, etc.

The alt media clown world network was demolished again. We have Elon Musk ready to shut down the bot networks. I have Alex Jones slapping himself silly for doing the same crap as Ray Epps. Alex Stein the coward lies about loving beef. Cassady Campbell Alex Stein’s boyfriend got caught staging crap again. Nick Rekieta is a drunk and a liar. Saint James Corbett shows his true colors and promotes the Infowars network and Jason Bermas. The Gang stalking crew of Defango, Lestat and a ton of their affiliates big mad for getting turned into the authorities after years of criminal level cyber harassment. Daniel Doud is a creep. Unirock and his girlfriend are disgusting people, etc.

The rest is on ROKFIN because it is not youtube friendly: https://rokfin.com/stream/24312/STWT-Show-234-The-State-of-Proxy-World-War-Three-and-the-Brink-of-Nuclear-Warfare-War-Games

Show Notes: https://hive.blog/stwt/@titusfrost/show-notes-stwt-show-234-the-state-of-proxy-world-war-three-and-the-brink-of-nuclear-warfare-war-games

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