Schools shut down as parents, Proud Boys rally over mask incident in Beloit, Wisconsin

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Parents participated in a Proud Boys-organized protest Friday outside the Beloit, Wisconsin school board building over a teacher allegedly taping a mask onto a special needs student's face.

Beloit public schools were shut down for the day citing security concerns about the event, which did not ultimately turn violent.

"They're trying to cover up that she assaulted my son," the 13-year-old student's father told News2Share.

He says four out of five of the other students confirmed his son's account of the teacher taping the mask over his face, and he believes the officer who declared that there was no evidence of criminal wrongdoing is biased as the school's liaison officer.

Mary Ann Sveom - who wore a "Can't breathe" mask taped on her face - said she finds it "absolutely ridiculous" that schools shut down over the protest.

She added that it's "fine" that Proud Boys organized the event.

"Why not?" Sveom said. "If that's the impetus that we need to get something done, that's ok!"

Across the street, counter-protester Brook Love held "Protect Black Women Teachers" sign and two others joined her.

"There was no criminal act done, the student was not harmed," Love - who traveled to the event from Milwaukee - said.

"This same situation with a Black child, you would not have any of this going on," another added.

"They don't scare me" Love said of the Proud Boys presence outside the Beloit, WI School Board building.

"As long as they don't walk towards me menacing or anything of that fashion, we'll be fine today," she said.

"I go practice at the gun range!"

The Wisconsin Proud Boys originally organized the event and promoted it in an article written by the Gateway Pundit's Cassandra Fairbanks.

Members of the Wisconsin Proud Boys declined to speak to media at the event.

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