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RE: 95% COVID vaccination rate is still no shield

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Thanks for your response here, @borepstein :-) Good to converse with you! Yes, I've found a hell of a lot of evidence myself, but have not collated it into any particular form: there are extensive legal actions being taken worldwide, however - like the work of Reiner Fuellmich and Dr David Martin, and Dolores Cahill, which go into the details of how it is absolutely not any form of inoculation, but is instead designed to dismantle the immune system over the long-term.

The agenda will show its hand, as it has to be fully visible to be fully in force - but obviously a weapon wouldn't be allowed to be rolled out if it had an immediate, mortal effect. The bigger picture, is that the western human immune system, vitality and divine health has been being subtley and overtly undermined for generations, and the 'vaccine' regime is effectively now enforcing this profound attack on our ability to both defend ourselves through healthy whole immunity, but also in terms of signing away our sovereignty and Rights to choose medicine - we're effectively now agreeing (those of us who are being jabbed) yes, to participate ignorantly in a mass experiment.

There most certainly is evidence that more are dying from the jabs than from 'covid', but the mainstream media are manipulating facts hugely; the 'variants' that are being announced will be exaggerated more and more, and the 'lockdown' and mask injuries, the economic pressures and terrorism of fearmongering, the abuse of authority power to suppress innocent Natural folk going about their lives and businesses peacefully - have already created mass hysteria, global psychosis, huge rises in suicide, lowered immune systems through stress alone... the list is extensive and it probably can never be fully ascertained the damage that the whole hoax has caused.

I highly recommend - strong as they are - Mark Passio's lectures on Natural Law, which give a solid overview of how we are manipulated to act as slaves, rather than Truly Living Our Birth Right Of Free, Vibrant Creative Beings.