Anthony Fauci vs Kary Mullis: who would you trust?

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Let's take a look at these two men and see who deserver our trust more.


Kary Mullis

Anthony Fauci

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Kary Mullis is out of the question for this:

In a Q&A interview published in the September 1994 issue of California Monthly, Mullis said, "Back in the 1960s and early 1970s I took plenty of LSD. A lot of people were doing that in Berkeley back then. And I found it to be a mind-opening experience. It was certainly much more important than any courses I ever took."
During a symposium held for centenarian Albert Hofmann, Hofmann said Mullis had told him that LSD had "helped him develop the polymerase chain reaction that helps amplify specific DNA sequences".

Anthony Fauci is also out of the question. He is just plain stupid:

In a March 8, 2020 interview, Fauci stated that "right now in the United States, people [who are not infected] should not be walking around with masks", but "if you want to do it, that's fine".

Both of these quotes are from the links (Wikipedia Archives) you provided.

I would not trust any of them.

Actually, the notion that drugs can alter your perception - including for the better - is far from crazy.

And the statement you quote Fauci make - which he had revised many times, without much of an explanation - maybe his sanest on the subject. Masks may be useful as a virus spread preventative under certain limited circumstances - but they are quite useless in the majority of situations. And when you see people walking around in masks on a sunny day you can be all but sure these masks make no difference as far as potential spread of COVID of flu - but may indeed endanger the wearer's health as they serve as a collector and breeding ground for all sorts of pathogens.

Actually, the notion that drugs can alter your perception - including for the better - is far from crazy.

I do not question that they alter your perception. This is all what drugs are making to you, if you use them. Alter your perception (making you hallucinate things), and making you drug dependent (over time, or even immediately). But saying that the drug helped you to develop something good (other than realizing that drugs are bad, and you stop using them) is crazy.

At least this is what I currently think. I have not used any drugs so far, and I will not use drugs in the future either.

fauci is a persistent liar

He is.

He is a priest in the cult of Scientism. That I would think would define him best.

Here is a rather long rant where I address it in more detail:

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