Water-logged electric vehicles catch fire in Florida

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According to Jimmy Patronis, Florida's Chief Financial Officer & State Fire Marshal, multiple EV's that were flooded in the course of Hurricane Ian later caught on fire as they were drying up and electrical shorts formed in their corroded batteries. This is described as a challenge to first responders.

I am generally a supporter of new technologies such as EV's. But it is important to remember that while they are "green" while used in their routine mode (i.e., you charge it and then drive) the manufacture process requires massive mining and is far from green, recycling capabilities for the batteries involved are not well developed - which creates waste that is also far from green and, as we now learn from experience, any flood that submerges EV's now comes with additional risks of subsequent fires, firs involving various plastics, etc. - that is also far from "green".


Florida’s Top Fire Marshal Warns ‘Tons’ of Waterlogged Electric Vehicles Catching Fire After Hurricane Ian
Katabella Roberts. The Epoch Times, 7 October 2022

Hurricane Ian (wiki)


...recycling capabilities for the batteries involved are not well developed...

Perhaps, we just care producing and consuming capabilities.

Well, unless you expect your product to be eternal, you need to plan for what happens after it goes out of commission. 😀

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