Ukrainian armed forces using captured Russian weaponry for their offensives

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Ukrainian flag
Image: Pixabay

Throughout the war with Russia Ukrainians have put together a fairly efficient system of repair shops that is busy fixing up not only the Ukrainian equipment damaged in action but also that captured from the enemy. Though due to poor coordination and discipline Russians often leave their equipment in perfect working order. Ukrainians also offer rewards to Russians delivering their equipment as they surrender into captivity, and some Russian soldiers have taken them up on that offer, according to some reports.

As a result, massive amounts of Russian equipment is now working against them. The volume of these acquisitions exceeds that of deliveries from the allies for some categories of weaponry. For example, Ukraine acquired 421 tanks from the enemy vs 320 from the allies. Draw your own conclusions - but to me this is a telltale sign of this war, a war between those who are forced to fight a war that their own command doesn't even dare to call a war and those who bring the best in creativity, determination and heroism to defend their homeland and national sovereignty.


Ukraine’s New Offensive Is Fueled by Captured Russian Weapons
Yaroslav Trofimov, The Wall Street Journal, 5 October 2022


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The war has revealed a fact for the Russian army, the mountain has brought forth a mouse.