Kropyva artillery fire management system: the new tech vs the old

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When the war in the Ukraine - yes, the same war that had been slow-burning since 2014 - went into a new hot phase on 24 February this year the Russian military, whose artillery was vastly numerically superior to their Ukrainian counterparts had encountered unusually strong and effective resistance. And a big part of the surprise they got was thanks to Kropyva - an Android app Ukrainins used that was designed to manage artillery targeting and fire control. The app was started ny a volunteer group who had sought to improve the capabilities of largely outdated Soviet-era weaponry.

As the data from the front line seems to indicate Kropyva allows Ukrainian artillery corps to achieve their objectives better than their Russian counterparts who use a more top-down, old style command and control arrangement which involves more human coordination. It is one of the many examples where philosophy of development translates into technological style and, at this level of technological progress, yields drastically different results.

They say that war is an ultimate reality check. I think it is - in many areas, including, of course, technology.


Kropyva: Ukrainian Artillery Application
Tom Cooper, 10 June 2022

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I think Ukraine would be surrendered if the USA and European countries didn't give warfare support.

Super awesome post. That is just excellent.

And yes quite a bit of this open source networking and impossible shots is being aided.

Everything from drone targeting to artillery fire adjustment.

One person in the network spots something they can market and then coordinate.

As for me I'm pretty excited to check such amazing information like this out thank you very much.