Innovative off-road vehicle for the Ukrainian military

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A businessman from Bukovina in Ukraine has come up with a buggy like the one in the image above to help the country's soldiers get around off road and deliver supplies. Unit cost: about 5,000 USD.

This is incredibly low for a military vehicle. It might be an illustration of how informal innovation saves the day - not only is his a much needed help in a war for the country's very survival, it is also a demonstration of the power of out-of-the-box thinking.



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This is absolutely amazing and after the war I think they could probably make back their money by selling these.

Super awesome and I think that @emstone would love this.


Ukraine has massive engineering and tech expertise in general.

Let alone they actually sent out quite a bit of Ukraine army soldiers 2 the world military as well as civilian shooting competitions.

Honorable mentions even though they didn't win definitely placed Ukraine extremely high on nearly all of those lists for professionalism and being absolute sponges for any knowledge.

Highly intelligent warfighters that worked very diligently on perfecting their warfighting game.

Then a massive amount of these connections enabled quite a few of the American volunteers to be fast tracked to the front lines and have been dealing phenomenal damage to the Russian war machine

This tank war is being ground to dust with anti-tank guided missiles as well as now improvised explosive devices. Having the Russians retreat and now declare that they're just going to try to secure the Don Bass region I have a feeling that most likely this war might possibly continue with Ukrainian soldiers being able to march on Moscow with little to know resistance and possibly even being welcomed.

Personally Russia isn't being invaded Russia happens to be in another country and is being aided by Belarus as well as Syria.

so I expect that Belarus and Syria both are going to end up enjoying some severe sanctions over their parts in this.

Which rightfully so and the world is also having the international criminal court look into the totality of this entire situation and assess if there's going to be war criminal indictments.

Which it sounds like Russia's threatening nuclear war if that is going to come out and be publicized....

Well like I said the Russian Bear might break its own back now. Watching them reeling from all the hits and now the phenomenal losses of occupied territory. It's only a matter of time before there is going to be quite a bit of change in the world.

Especially when the Russian people start getting a hold of the truth.

I fully agree that Ukrainians have shown phenomenal martial performance. But it must also be stated that due to the utter corruption the invading force that Russia had sent is very seriously dysfunctional. For example, many of their columns get stuck in fields, stopped by failing tires, etc. Most vehicles had no communication, no navigation equipment, etc.

The Russian logistical system absolutely is completely and totally inept. Everything from rotten tires to the huge issues of resistance forces attacking the supply lines.

Soldiers were given body armor however they were not given the metal plates for further protection against Small arms fire.

Not having a leader and constantly running from ambush to ambush and getting hit from every side has now made the Russian forces trigger happy and they are willing to light up any vehicles at all that are within visual site due to the proliferation of anti-tank guided missiles.

Glory to the defenders of the Ukraine and I have a feeling that they are going to destroy Russia's War fighting capability if not end up marching on Moscow.


Though I don't think Ukrainians have any reason to march into Russia.

It may be even worse than what you think. There are stories galore of Russian soldiers not even being told why they were being sent into Ukraine, not being told where they were going, riding in without maps or navigational equipment, in vehicles without basic radio commmo, etc. Absolute shitshow.

I don't know if you speak Russian or are able to get this auto-translated but here is a bunch of interviews a pair of Kiev-based bloggers conducted with Russian POW's. Quite telling, IMHO.

Oh wow thank you very much for posting this I'm going to go check it out right now.

And too bad my friend who is a girl is acting badly at the moment otherwise I just asked her to translate.

I do not think that it is suitable for war, rather for hunting. It is open from all sides and is not protected by anything.

It's low enough to be hard to see.

If you watch the video you are gonna' see that it can move much faster than people on foot - and transport cargo too. That is the objective, best I can tell.

It seems ready to break into pieces.

It may look that way but it certainly does not fall apart when put to test, at least if the video at the link is any indication:

It may be much more portable and used in any field.

More or less.

If you need to get 100 kg over hard terrain you can do it much faster with this vehicle than you can on foot. And if you lose it - so what, it is only 5K USD, pretty much nothing in comparison to most military equipment.

Indeed, you can buy four tires of a car with 5K :)

Yeah, on most traditional military vehicles just tires alone would cost you more.

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