Hydrogen as a possible sea change in the fuel industry as well as a tool of political change

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Hydrogen is abundantly available on Earth. It is also a very efficient fuel - even somewhat unsafe as it is energy-rich and easy to ignite, though that risk is quite manageable. There is only one major obstacle: pretty much all hydrogen available on Earth is locked in H2O, otherwise known as water.

There was one known way to break up water into hydrogen and oxygen: by passing water through it. However, it requires massive amounts of electricity and is thus quite expensive. But recently various research projects have discovered various methods for making the process more efficient, mostly through the use of various chemical catalysts.

Now that the war that Russia has started in Ukraine has brought the issue of trading of carbon mineral deposits. It is clear that demand for oil and gas has a political aspect to it - in short, whoever has it, gets to sell it and gain funds to fuel various projects, including wars of aggression. And now hydrogen is viewed as a potential replacement for Russian oil - as well as Saudi oil and oil in general.

In my opinion, given that mineral deposit extraction is often well suited for large hierarchical business and political structures, draining that arrangement financially is something that can not come soon enough. And that is something I believe to be true irrespective of the ongoing war in Ukraine.


Hydrogen power could help wean the world off Russian oil and gas sooner than you think
Bernhard Warner, Fortune, 15 February 2022

A catalyst for more efficient green hydrogen production
Science Daily, 14 January 2022

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Cheap energy that is not geo-constrained is a dangerous thing because it takes power away from those who control energy sources. It's like crypto against FIAT :)

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I should - and, hopefully will - cover this in more detail.

Whatever you can do using inexpensive technology all over the place can not be taken over by a large hierarchical structure. Unlike something that is heavy, expensive, tied to land. That seems to be a very consistent pattern.

Decentralized :)


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