Elon Musk's Twitter suspends Jack Sweeney's account that tracked Musk's private jet travels

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Jack Sweeney is a college student who has put together a Twitter bot account that tracked the movements of Elon Musk's private jet using exclusively publicly available data. Mr Musk was not happy with that. According to his public statements, he was concerned that the knowledge of his jet's location may endanger him.

So initially Musk tried to pay Sweeney to take that account down. Sweeney declined. Then he discovered his elonjet account suspended. His other jet tracking account, the one tracking Jeff Bezos's jet ended up suspended as well. Sweeney's personal account met the same fate.

While Musk needs to be commended for overseeing the recovery of accounts of many victims of political censorship, it is clear he is not fully averse to the practice himself. Even if Musk's safety concerns were justified his failure to do it publicly, via a well-stated policy order, is highly questionable. So perhaps it is indeed true that power corrupts, and no one is immune to that corruption.

So what is the takeaway? Perhaps, we should never rely on nay one business, social network, organisation, etc. And seek ways to make it so that no one gets too much power - that, it would seem, is the ultimate safety.


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Frank Landymore, Futurism, 14 December 2022

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@borepstein , 14 December 2022


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So, if someone else takes over Twitter, will they unsuspend the account :)

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I think this time elon is right. Why she can hack elon jet tracked. Elon not giving her permission. Hopefully she apologise to elon for his mistake. Thanks for sharing this update.