The matter of life and poise!

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Everything that takes the matter of life and poise -for example, drugs, liquor, interruptions from all depictions, and rests when an expectation is overlooked, not to mention the idea of suicide - is a way to escape, a small death and death itself is a definitive departure.

Everything can be an approach to keep away from issues. Supports vary; the end is changeless. Escape is the form it takes, and all kinds of distractions - including serious professions that serve as pleasures - can serve their purpose. Physically, these distractions can be healthier than drugs and alcohol; Mentally, however, they are just as unhealthy when they are abused - that is, accustomed to the point of leaving problems unresolved indefinitely. In this case, the valuable time that could be spent working on a solution is constantly wasted or misunderstood.

Infinite and constant are the employable words here. It's a good practice to get out of your head from time to time. Additionally, an intermittent break from work is a delicate loosening up interval wherein batteries are revived for another time of exertion.

This good practice goes wrong when it crosses the mark and falls into the trap of flight. Happiness is just a bitter dream, whose bitterness is diluted by various escapes. Nobility and satisfaction are wanted, not perceived; his absence is an obvious misfortune. Man has problem-solving skills that allow us to achieve conformity within the limits of our reality unless these limits are so narrow as to exclude any possibility of satisfaction. In this rare and miserable end, there is just space for a wonderful feeling: quietness, through acknowledgment.

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