dCITY 2nd Edition Review

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Before new edition cards came out dCITY was a cute but simple game with not too much to do, it all changed with new 2nd edition cards that gave the game much needed complexity to keep you interested for more. With New Edition Cards Education and Creativity was introduced to the game, with higher education you get the chance to research new technologies that will help your city grow and prosper, while creativity gives you a chance to find different city backgrounds.

So now you need to balance new buildings with old buildings while trying to increase your ranks, to tell you the truth perfect balance is hard to reach unless you have an endless amounts of crypto to spend. Trying to play this on a budget keeps the game more fun in my opinion, you can't have it all. Also first edition cards are still valuable and you will still need both editions to keep things balanced in your city.


If you don't care about the gaming part there are two passive income streams that dCITY gives you, every day you receive Hive and Sim tokens and only for that reason this game is worth your time. The number of tokens you get can change over time depending how popular the game becomes.

You can also spend new Hive Engine tokens to increase your city stats for a limited amount of time. Beer token was just a sneak peak of things to come, you can now also use Weed, Creative and Stem tokens to increase your Creativity and Education which gives those tokens additional value, it is a nice symbiosis of multiple tokens working great in one game, you can experience a great use case of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in dCity, Hive is pretty nice blockchain to build a game like this on.


If you get bored with the game or you need the money invested back you can sell your cards and keep on living like nothing happened. This is what Blockchain Gaming is all about, your NFT items have real world value, if you manage to create a game that gives your players back their investments sky is the limit. dCity with 2nd edition is looking great and I can't wait to see what comes next. Before 2nd edition I was only curious about this game, after 2nd edition I need to hold myself back or I'll spend all of my crypto for this. Isn't that a great sign that you have something special here?


I got addicted of this game :))) I invested way to more, but is interesting is a challenge and it give my brain some satisfaction. Wow just saw you got a very rare tower :)

O yeah, Waves Broadcast Tower. Not too many of those are minted :) For sure the game is very addicting lately.

Yeah, the 2nd edition really kicked the game into gear. @gerber is amazing and has some great ideas, in fact I think I saw him mention plans for a 3rd,4th, and 5th edition of cards.

That's a lot of cards to buy.

Nice to see them come out with a major update. I've not played in a while.

Now it is worth it to come back, there are actual things to do, choices to make, but it still requires a lot of card purchases to move up.

If I am new, should I buy the cards or get some on the market instead?
What do you think?

Buying packs will get you random stuff, buying market cards is more expensive, so if you buy a lot of cards your results could be better than to pick card one by one from the market.

So I will test my luck then. Thank you!

oooo you play this too?

Oh yes, pretty hooked with new edition.

Yah me too. The new edition made a huge difference to the game

@tipu curate :)

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Thanks for sharing