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RE: WhiteNoise Generator : How Effective Is it To Be Productive or Studying With it?

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Well, I love studying with music,it help me focus. I also like to do other things like the house shores while listening to music.


Same ! what kind of music do you listen to?

I love English music,it's my favorite. Mostly pop and rock. Among my favorite artists I can say Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande,Justin Bieber, Lewis Capaldi, Ed Sheeran and so many others. I also like classic disco like Aqua and Eiffel 65. Classic rock like Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, and others more romantic like Air Supply, Foreigner. There are some Spanish artists that I listen to as well since that's the music they play in my country in the disco like Karol G, Daddy Yankee and those kind of artists. But English music is my favorite by far,I can only listen to it in my phone or in my house, since they don't play that kind of music anywhere here, just sometimes on the radio. I could mention some other people,but I think you get the point. I'd love to read who your favorites are!