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RE: Unboxing! Disco rígido Seagate 4TB Skyhawk 256MB 5.4K RPM - [Esp/Eng]

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I can only imagine your excitement that you forgot to prepare or add a connector to your SSD storage. LOL.
It seems your new SSD storage is not securely fixed on the system unit. While that doesn't pose the concern of sliding and bumping to the case, I prefer mine to be securely locked with the case.

Thanks for sharing.



Hahaha, i didnt know how to do it properly. So i manage to make what you see on the photo. On the weekend a friend is going to help me to make it rigth. For now is just a "temporary fix Hahaha.

Thanks for stopping by bro! Have a nice day.


That temporary fix will do as long as you won't keep on moving your system unit.

I enjoyed reading your story. 😊 The pleasure is mine.