Redmi note 11 - A perfect Budget phone. HIVE'S PHONE

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I am still lost in the euphoria of the overwhelming show of love I received from my ecency family, and yh whole hive community at large. If I begin to thank everyone individually, I reckon I would get a visit from hivewatchers for spamming, lol. Past few weeks have been torrid for me. But alas, I'm getting by; much thanks to this beautiful community. @beeber even created a beautiful graphic for this purpose. Incredible. I see why @dandays is stalking, ;). So after my Post about loosing my phone and all, I recently got a new phone; A Redmi note 11 all thanks to hive, and most especially my Ecency family. So in this post I'd be talking about the device and also sharing some brilliant photos I took of it yesterday.


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Basic Specifications

The Redmi note 11 is a device that packs a punch in this times of technology. I was caught with two minds when I wanted to get this, as I also wanted the Tecno Camon 19, but I already set my mind for a Redmi device so I went for this. The phone is powered by a 5000mah battery. Doesn't seem to last very long to be fair. I have the 4gb RAM 128gb ROM variation. I needed that bit of space for apps and gaming. The device also comes with an Amoled display that makes using it very enjoyable. It also has a 50mp rear camera that isn't so great.

1659442223007 (1).jpg

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The device has a brilliant stereo speaker. With one at the bottom of the phone, and one at the top. Albeit the one at the top isn't the same sound as the one at the one underneath but it still does a good job improving the overall sound system. At the top is also an infrared blaster. There's an inbuilt Remote Control on the phone which I tried at the office and it controlled the television.



1659442223028 (1).jpg

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A 1000 nits display makes the device very appealing. A 33 Wats turbo charger is an incredible feature for folks who love fast charging like me. A 90hz refresh rate isn't particularly exciting, but it still makes for smooth usage. Priced at around $200, the Redmi note 11 is a good purchase for folks looking to upgrade, as it offers an amazing value for money. I've been using it for a while now and I have been happy with it. Well, thank you for reading my bits. Cheers.

I took the above photos with my Nikon D3200 and my Puluz Mini Photo studio.


I would like to buy a phone like this, I really like these models, besides I need them haha. I really liked your publication my friend, great. :)

Thank you mate.

I am grateful for you comment.

It's a great device 😊

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Aha congrats sir for the new phone, good to see you back like old days.

Very happy to the back.

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you 😊

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My bro 🙏❤️😌 @bhattg

The specs are okay for budget


A bit of an upgrade from my previous device.

Thank you for stopping by 🙂

Cuuuutt! Edit. DanDays is stalking sounds way too close to gangstalking.



My guy, I've been off Hive for quite a while, dealing with real world ish, only to log to see the turbulence you faced during this time.
I'm happy things are settling down for you.

I don't know all the people that pitched in for you, but God bless them all. This country tries to stifle us at every single turn, and I'm grateful you had support during these trying times. I hope your sister is better?

Sending lots of love 💙

Aha, I noticed you weren't around for a while now. Hope all is well at your ends??!!

All good here, thank you my bro heart 💓
The country is not helping matters at all

Omo, na finish service and moving back home, plus starting work and getting used to the schedule jàre.

Don't worry, I'll be back with a bang. Video content is loading as well 😁😁😁.

Boss man 😅

Your content na banger normally 😁 so I'm looking forward to it.

Congratulations on the successful completion of your service year 🙏

Bobo don dey whine me o

o.o well is a good phone for the tight budget that is for sure, now if is your best possible choice, i guess not? Spark models are good and a direct competition with the redmi line, especially the tecnocamon series on spark, yet they less usual to see in most countries so i guess is not avaible on ther market or you had reasons not to pick one of those :)


J was considering the spark, but had to settle for this

Sad, but such is life :S

I'm using the same phone for almost a year, beside its budget friendly, there is also nice cam stabilization, so videos in 4k looks pretty well, but I'm less satisfied when it comes about photos.
Battery duration amazed me the most, sometimes I'm not charging it for day or two, also depends on how much you are using it.

However it has good specifications, hopefully you will enjoy it for a long time! :)

Thank you so much man. I'm enjoying it, albeit I can't seem to find that video stabilization. I also think yours is higher maybe

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I'm more than happy to be a lab rate for Diyhub 🤣

XD sorry