Flying selfie drone

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Many take selfies to capture happy moments with friends or loved ones. However, when taking a selfie, you have to hold a smartphone or a selfie stick in one hand, so many times the quality of the picture is not good. Pixie will solve the problem. The drone with small camera size will take selfies by itself.

The drone was created by Snap, the maker of the popular photo exchange app Snapchat. According to the company, Pixie can automatically take selfies without anyone's help. Since the six programs are built-in, the drone can take selfies or videos from a certain distance. Not only that, the drone can automatically send pictures or videos captured with wireless technology to the specified address.

The four propeller drones can fly up to eight times on a single charge. The weight is also quite low, only 101 grams. The drone, capable of flying for 20 seconds, returns to the user's palm after taking a selfie. As a result, there is no fear of getting lost.

With a 12-megapixel sensor, the drone can take a maximum of 1,000 pictures as well as 100 videos. The drone is initially available in the United States and France. You have to pay 230 dollars to buy.


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