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RE: Reviewing The Anker 26800mAh External Battery 5 Years Later

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Tremendous tool to stay connected, even more so in our country Venezuela, where electricity fails at all times. I have a 10,000, but this one you show us is more powerful. Greetings.


The prices for these things has increased so much sadly. I had one on my Amazon wishlist a few years ago that had 50kmAh capacity. It was only £110. I can't even find it anymore. I think it's a pretty tricky purchase to make sometimes too, because the cheaper ones that offer more mAh than 26800 may be using cheaper cells with less durability. Much like all tech I guess you get what you pay for.

Are these things generally owned by many people over there to deal with those blackouts? I hadn't actually thought of that; I guess they're insanely useful not just for travelling and getting out, but by escaping a failing electrical grid. That's really cool actually, to see that people can escape that unfortunate circumstance and still have access to the digital world to some degree.

I guess people can really benefit just by having one or two of these around and ready to go for such moments.