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RE: Oraimo SoundView Unboxing || What I think about this device

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I just knew that the sound may not be great. That's the thing about making something "multi-purpose;" the features from the main may just be subpar.

I ~love the way it looks. It's bright and sleek as well. It will sure save me the stress of searching for my phone in the dark just to know the time.

I just hope the alarm isn't too loud. That may be annoying. It seems like a great product overall. I don't mind the size.

PS: the USB is to read audio files from USB storage dongles..


Yeah it is sleek but I feel it would have been better let's say it was a little bigger than that.

The alarm is not too loud, it is moderate and enough to wake you up if you are not in a deep sleep.

Oh that's what the USB is for. It would have been great if they gave the product a very huge battery capacity and having it to be able to substitute as a Power Bank as well. It would make the product really dope.