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RE: Mi sorpresa de cumpleaños | Unboxing Apple Watch SE ⌚💝

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🎉Happy belated birthday! @mballesteros🥳

Your husband gifted you with a superb gift that I hope you will enjoy having. The waterproof and SOS features that you have are my favorites of the ones mentioned as those two have not been on any of the various Fitbit trackers I've owned for the past ten years.

Personally, in addition to encouraging me to exercise I like knowing my sleep scores💤 I really enjoy all the functions these types of gadgets track and hope you do too.

Hope you have a terrific week ahead!♥️♥️♥️



Hi Nina, thank you for your good wishes. ❤️

The truth is that I am enjoying my gift to the fullest, I use it even at home, now I monitor my steps, calories and also my sleeping hours, I think I am already falling into a state of dependence on it, something I was afraid of! 😂

Hope you have a wonderful week too! Hugs! 🤗