Unboxing My New Redmi Note 10S || Desembalaje de mi nuevo Redmi Note 10S (ENG/ESPN)

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Good day, friends. I just bought a new android phone Redmi Note 10s, thanks to Hive and all of my supporters.

Buen dia amigos. Acabo de comprar un nuevo teléfono Android Redmi Note 10s, gracias a Hive y a todos mis seguidores.

The Techno Camon 12 I was using before now was long overdue and was not performing as required. Using such a device for Hive was very limiting and not cool at all. Especially if for instance i wanted to capture images of certain objects or persons. And now that I've planned to divert into photography I decided to get an android with high quality camera and good battery life.

El Techno Camon 12 pro que estaba usando antes ahora estaba atrasado y no estaba funcionando como se requería. El uso de un dispositivo de este tipo para Hive era muy limitante y nada bueno. Especialmente si, por ejemplo, quisiera capturar imágenes de ciertos objetos o personas. Y ahora que planeé dedicarme a la fotografía, decidí comprar un Android con una cámara de alta calidad y una buena duración de la batería.

Why Redmi Note 10S

I was aiming for a smart phone with a good display, efficiency, storage capacity, memory that would make the phone easy to use, and a good camera that would take great pictures for my photography blog, and most importantly, a price that was within my financial means, i.e phone that's cheap and worth the money 😃

Por qué Redmi Note 10S

Buscaba un teléfono inteligente con una buena pantalla, eficiencia, capacidad de almacenamiento, memoria que hiciera que el teléfono fuera fácil de usar y una buena cámara que tomara excelentes fotos para mi blog de fotografía y, lo más importante, un precio que estuviera dentro de mis medios financieros

PRICE$200, 168 Hive, N100,000
SCREEN6.43-inch IPS LCD FUllHD+ resolution 1080 x 2400 pixels 409 ppi (pixels per inch) Corning Gorilla Glass 3
GPUMali-G76 MC4
REAR CAMERA64 MP f/1.8.22mm (wide) LED flash, HDR, panorama
BATTERY LIFE5,000 mAh + Fast charge 33W
PROCESSORMediatek Helio G95

I started my research after questioning various people, and they all advised me to get a Redmi because it has all of the qualities I'm looking for and is also reasonably priced.

Comencé mi investigación después de interrogar a varias personas, y todas me aconsejaron que comprara un Redmi porque tiene todas las cualidades que busco y además tiene un precio razonable.

I choose the Redmi Note 10S because it has this quality and was also recently released.

Elijo el Redmi Note 10S porque tiene esta cualidad y además fue lanzado recientemente.


It's feasible that I could have purchased another phone with more high-end features for nearly the same price, but I actually got wonderful reviews from different users both on and off the chain, and I also googled and watched some YouTube reviews of the Redmi Note 10S.

Es factible que podría haber comprado otro teléfono con más funciones de gama alta por casi el mismo precio, pero en realidad obtuve reseñas maravillosas de diferentes usuarios dentro y fuera de la cadena, y también busqué en Google y vi algunas reseñas de YouTube del Redmi Note. 10S.

Some Shots I Took With The Phone Camera

Yesterday evening, I decided to put the camera to the test, so on my way back from the bank, I snapped the ATM Gallery, the Pedestrian Bridge, and the view of the sky at the moment.

Algunas fotos que tomé con la cámara del teléfono

Ayer por la tarde, decidí poner a prueba la cámara, así que en mi camino de regreso del banco, tomé una foto de la galería del cajero automático, el puente peatonal y la vista del cielo en este momento.

ATM Gallery View

The Pedestrian Bridge View

Sky View

My heartfelt gratitude goes to Almighty God for the gift of life; I will not forget the newbies initiative program, @starstrings01, @josediccus, and all those who have supported me in any way; and a special thanks to @ksam and @mayorkeys who suggested I go for Redmi. And to my brother, who will be joining Hive shortly, I say thank you, and God bless you all.

Mi más sincera gratitud a Dios Todopoderoso por el don de la vida; No me olvidaré del programa de novatos, @starstrings01 , @josediccus , y todos los que me han apoyado de alguna manera; y un agradecimiento especial a @ksam y @mayorkeys que me sugirieron que optara por Redmi. Y a mi hermano, que se unirá a Hive en breve, le doy las gracias y que Dios los bendiga a todos.


I'm hoping that this new phone would help me in improving the performance and effectiveness of my posts.

Now that I've diverted my focus to photography, I'm hoping to buy a Marco lens as soon as possible, as it will make shooting marco photos a simple.

What are your thoughts on the phone? What is your opinion of the phone whether you are currently using it or have previously used it? Is it worth the cost and the hype?

Espero que este nuevo teléfono me ayude a mejorar el rendimiento y la eficacia de mis publicaciones.
Ahora que he desviado mi atención a la fotografía, espero comprar una lente Marco lo antes posible, ya que hará que tomar fotografías Marco sea sencillo.
¿Cuáles son sus pensamientos sobre el teléfono? ¿Cuál es su opinión sobre el teléfono, ya sea que lo esté usando actualmente o lo haya usado anteriormente? ¿Vale la pena el costo y el bombo?


My thoughts about the phone is
GOD WHEN??? 🤲🏽

This is so good!

I believe this will give you smooth transition to the world of photography. With this and the macro lens you also wanna get, you'll take great shots.

6GB RAM is a good one, together with the 68 ROM. Although the images and videos you'll take will take lots of space on your phone I believe.

This is a good choice

Congratulations dear, you deserve more and better things ❤

Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement, your tips also I really appreciate ❤️

Hehehe.. you too funny.

God when....lol.

Yeah it's great phone.

That's my thought about the phone ooo 😅
Little by little, we'll be achieving great things 💪

Everywhere I look redmi phone.... I want to transition from Apple to android, I was considering Samsung but I have used lot of it in the past..

i would be adding this brand to my check list..i may just get it instead

Big congratulations girl 100k no be beans..u earned it jare

looking forward to more juicy food pictures..our hive chef @mistural

Pls why are you transitioning from Apple to Android.
I was considering getting a small apple device o.. I miss my iPad which got broken.
I ll like to know tho..

For one, Some app I need are not features on app store...and other reasons sha..i would still be using my phone though but getting an android as suppliment

Excellent choice then I just felt that an apple touch might improve my production. But I'm having a good time with the Android application store.
And it's true like you said some apple applications require some subscriptions and you can easily get alternatives on the google store.

Ahhhhh.... I'm big fan of iphone, my financial budget was very low and I couldn't afford an iphone... And here you want to change from iphone to Android...

Well you might have your reasons, by the way what's the name of the iphone?

Using iPhone X at the moment....would still use the phone,possibly upgrade but getting the android is necessary as a backup

It's plenty in the air. Congratulations dear🤗🤗😚

Oporr la fefe..😜😜

Thank you so much sir, your support and encouragement brought me this far ❤️

Thank you so much ❤️


Redmi is an amazing brand.
I got a Redmi 10 January and I've been enjoying it ever since.

The only issue I have with it is the mediatek processor that's prone to overheat at times. Everything else is amazing.

Congratulations. 😊😁

The only issue I have with it is the mediatek processor that's prone to overheat at times

Is it when it over work or?

Trust @monioluwa na .. baba don put pubg and Cod. On top am.

Abi you de use am mine btc ni..😆😆


Mine BTC 😂😂

Let him come and explain o..people are doing doings...

BTC ke? I wish. 😂😂

Yea, I have one or two games installed and close to 100 apps on it. 😂😂

I trust you..
What games are those..
I hardly play games with my phone.. lol
Maybe just chess.

Blockudoku: similar to Tetris
Nova: A shooting game
Mindpal: the creators claim it's a "brain development" game.
Just those three, nothing else.

Me I play games with my phone only o, my laptop is sacred. 😂

My PC is a gaming PC.. lol..
It does other things too..

Nice games.
I might check out nova

Mine isn't. It's an average HP model.
I'd be sending it to an early grave if I started gaming on it.

You should definitely check it out. It's very nice.

Yea, kinda.
Mediatek processors are prone to overheating (that's the only issue with the chips) but their processing power is very nice.
Getting a phone with a Snapdragon processor is what you should look out for next time if you're not too cool with the heat.

Oh, you are here already sef.

Your own na fake 😂

For your mouth?
You wey dey use 9T.

Incase you don't know, I be your senior. 😂

Abi u no well. You Sabi use your phone reach me

That one no consin you.
The Koko be say, my phone better pass your own.

Congratulations, I'd have said you watch reviews on YouTube before you made your presentation. Cheeky and quality. Aesthetics on point. Congratulations. This pictures are from the Zenith bank at Ijaiye.

@tipu curate

This pictures are from the Zenith bank at Ijaiye.

Yeah, that's the nearest Zenith bank to Alakuko (the one at Caso isn't working) so I took bus to Ijaiye to withdraw money plus I wanted to snap the pedestrian bridge too. I also explore the mini Ijaiye local market and took some pictures... I'll be sharing very soon 😃

Thank you for the tipu ❤️

You can't use Redmi and won't enjoy. It is worth the price and hype. Am glad you later joined we Redmi gang, so now HD photography on the way and we will be expecting it soon. Since I started USING Redmi, it's been giving me a good result and I didn't regret I bought it

Thank you for suggesting I go for Redmi, I hope it worth the hype and price... N100,000 no be small money nah 😂

Yes o. It worth it

@monioluwa come see your Redmi people o
@mistural This is more than plenty o where una dey see this money? I need to be more serioius with my financial life like this. Wey person use my Hive worth to buy phone.
Anyway, congrats to you, mama. And I believe the new phone with bring with it better goodies.

No vex. Lol.. just follow mistural for back.. na so we sef do. Hehe.

We go all buy phone ..

Sure everyone will definitely buy phone of his/her choice, thank you for everything

Amen o.....fire!!!!

Fire 😂😂

Abi na..we gotta add dry leaves to fire so it could burn wellla 😀

Hey @temibot, you've always been supportive from day one

Thank you so much and God bless you ❤️

Awwwn.😊😊. The support started from you and infected us..but I am honoured anyway.🙇

Damn the phone is dope! You have a bad ass smart phone. Now you can enjoy your navigation on Hive in peace. I am happy for you.

Thank you so much for all of your support, encouragement, and advice... It has significantly aided my progress on the platform... The camera quality is excellent, and it is well worth the money. I'm hoping to have a good time with the phone.

That means we are to be expecting some badass shots from you 🙌🙌🙌

Getting a good Marco lens, and diverting to photography in full

How do you see that? A good idea?

Its a good idea...adding food to it to o, mama.

This is why I like you..😅
You go all the way.

Enjoy it.

6gig ram.. wow. That's a lot of work space meehn.
Wow. I hope you get to use it well.

My biggest issue with mine a Canon 15 is space of ROM .. Its 64gig gets full and I often get decant into sd card.
I wish they had options of making apps run on Cards. so there can be enough ROM space.



This one is also 64gb ROM, well I don't really have big files to keep..

Just photography right now, I'll then have to delete some videos to accommodate it.

Thank you ❤️

Yeah. That's what I had hope you ll do. I have no doubt you ll use it well and hopefully soon buy something huger.. 🙏

Wow congratulations, the quality image of the 64 MP rear camera is great.

Wao!! See my lovely sis doing great things.. congrats to you my dear I am super proud of you.. Redmi is a good product I really love it so much and I am proud to welcome you to the Redmi family 🥰🥰 I am sure you will enjoy it