Sun Vision Display has released first color ambient-lit RLCD monitor aimed towards eye care needs.

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Sun Vision Display has released its first color 32" Reflective LCD monitor. This monitor has no back-light or front-light, but uses ambient light available indoors. It comes with standard HDMI port, 60 Hz refresh rate and 16.7M addressable colors.

Monitors that emit no light, such as RLCD or E Ink devices, are suitable for eye care needs or for people who use computers for extended periods of time.


Left: the new ambient lit RLCD monitor

Over the past months, I have been researching over different E Ink monitors and today I came across this one.

The monitor is currently available from their website but you can expect its price to be in the range of E Ink devices.

What are your thoughts? Personally, I think it has advantages over E Ink as long as it is bright enough, but from the videos I have seen it seems to be. On a side note, the price is currently high.