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RE: Reviewing Wireless Headphone From A Rising Tech Company JETE : JETE-06 Extreme

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Many times we limit ourselves to the most known brands, thinking in the confidence that they transmit us and we do not risk for other brands of less prestige, you hit the target with this acquisition, I really like the design and that golden color is perfect, this type of articles based on experience give us the necessary confidence to trust in what we somehow take as "poor quality", no doubt that if I see some JETE brand headphones, I will know they are good, enjoy your new acquisition, happy and blessed day.



😂 yeah that's the irony. I find that sometimes good brands don't mean they have the best quality but even with lesser known brand, it's hit or miss. I had bad experiences with some of them. I just hope this brand will expand overseas too especially catering to middle and low end budget accessories.