Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Review And Comparison to Mi Band 6

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Should you get a mi band 5 as a starter?

Fitness and Wellness tracking devices are more common these days. There are many brands out there offering the solution to our fitness and wellness problem. Not only is this wearable technology cool to wear, it’s also quite beneficial for daily use. I got into wearable tech back in November last year, the first I got is xiaomi mi band 6 which by now, I can attest it’s endurance and durability. Obviously, there are some problems I faced which I will also discuss in this post.

If you are new to fitness tracking devices, mi band 5 is a decent and competitive priced watch to try. Not to mention, if you plan to buy it for your mom’s, grandma, or kids, I can recommend mi band 5. However, If you are young and tech savvy, mi band 5 might not be for you as the mi band 6 offers more options and features that you might need.




In terms of design, the band is similar to mi band 6. However, it seems that the band has some other colorful options to choose from. That day, the option was only black. So, we picked that one. The screen is way shorter than mi 6 which makes swiping a bit difficult. I guess, that’s a given when I am used to the Mi 6 that has a fuller screen.




Mi band 5 has a smaller screen than mi band 6. It features 11 workout modes including rowing which seems to be the highlight of this band. Additionally, similar features like the other such as heart rate and sleep tracker. Other miscellaneous features include “ phone finding”, “stopwatch” and alarm. These are really basic features and compared to mi band 6, it has lesser features. But these features are enough for those who only want to know sleep, and heart rate tracker and do some minimal workout. I got mi band 5 for my mom to track her sleep, find her phone, and also swim. I got annoyed with her because she constantly asks me where her phone is. So, with the watch, she could easily find her phone without bothering me while I work. Not to mention, the stress feature is really helping her at the moment. She could learn how to manage her stress through the breathing feature that the band has.



One of my issues that came with mi band 6 was my inability to track my swimming session. I even asked on the youtube comment section since somebody was having the same problem as mine. Mine got solved but apparently that person who replied to mine didn’t use the band anymore. Another issue that comes out from these bands is that you can get skin irritation if you wear it too tightly and are wet. That’s why these days after swimming, I always dry the band and use them again once it's dry. We have not tried the swimming feature on mi band 5 but hopefully, my mom won’t have the same problem.

Another difference that I really notice is the screen. For mi band 6, the screen is amoled and full touch. Meanwhile for mi band 5, it has a power on and off button to tap before checking into the stats or accessing the menu. For me, who is rather impatient, that feature is annoying but for my mom, she thinks that’s okay.

When we got to the store, we were offered Oppo bands. But since I don’t want to gamble my money away, we decided to get mi band 5 for my mom. I know the system works and is way easier for me to troubleshoot when my mom asks questions. It’s always driving me insane when she asks tech questions. I bet many of you can relate too!

We did the unboxing at the mobile center. They did the unboxing for us and they told us that the warranty is only for a month compared to when I was buying it at xiaomi center where the warranty is for a year. Obviously, the price is also cheaper by 50.000 thousand in that phone center than the official xiaomi center. In that store, I saw a Samsung watch that cost around 200$ and I was like, I wanted it but I also saved up for a new professional camera.

Is it worth it?

Personally, it’s really worth it. I’ve been using it for about 5 months now and didn’t regret having one. For my mom, she told me that it has been helping her track her heart and also the amount of sleep she has. It sure looks trendy too. We haven’t tried her watch for swimming because we haven’t had time to swim yet this week. But we’ll let you all know when we do. For the price that was offered, it was worth it considering that it has more features than a regular watch for the same price. My mom wanted a regular watch that costs way more but I talked to her to just get the band and she agreed. I had to tell her how to navigate the band and the app. I can tell you that it was quite frustrating. By now, I haven’t really checked if she understood more. But from what I see, she likes using the breathing feature and also checking her heart rate. I hope she finds it useful.


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Mi Bands have always had a great reputation.
I stopped upgrading when I purchased the Mi Band 4 three tears ago.
I initially thought I needed to upgrade to the Mi Band 5, but I got to see it used by a friend first and I noticed there wasn't so much I was missing by not upgrading to the Band 5.
I haven't even thought of the Band 6 since it came out, cos my Band 4 pretty does well enough for me. I'm a long distance runner and a cyclist.
The pedometer on the Band 4 is not the best, but it has reasonably accurate readings. The distance measurements are however quite precise.
The Mi Band 4 might still be a good choice if one is one tight budget and not too particular about the new features.

What I love best about the Mi Band series is the ruggedness. I've scratched, dropped, banged, been beaten by rain, with my Mi Band 4 on. I never had to think of even checking it whether it was still working, cos it just keeps working. And the battery is also super solid for 2 weeks on a single charge with the Bluetooth always connected during the day, notifications and pedometer always on.

Thank you for throwing some light on the Band 6!
I might just upgrade when I'm tired of the Band 4.

My Mi Band 4, with a purple strap

I've been thinking of getting one for myself. I planned to get an oraimo product as Samsung costs alot. Thanks for your recommendation. I kinda trust Xiaomi products too. Mi band 6 should be fine for me. I would check the price locally and see if it's totally better than the oraimo product.

Hehehehe, I might also get one for my mum as a gift when i return home.

Thanks. !PIZZA !LUV

Mi band 6 wouldn't cost a lot. I don't know much about Oraimo but I can tell you as much, for the fraction of price that you pay for xiaomi, it's better for entry level watches.

I have a Mi Band 4 and it's serving me quite well. I just use it to track notifications as I always prefer my phone in silent mode.

When it's dead I will be upgrading. These bands are amazing to keep track of as per our preferences.

If you want to upgrade, I suggest to just go straight to mi band 6 or maybe wait something better to be released this year. Anyway, does mi band 4 is also swimming friendly? did you have any issue with using it?

Yes, it's swimming friendly. I did swim with this a few times and didn't face any problem.

oh nice! I can think of someone that I could gift that watch.

I think you should go for the updated ones as they are available on the market.

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thanks for sharing @macchiata

They have become very fashionable in the last few months in my city, around 40 or 50$ the 5, I have also seen others that I suppose will be generic in just 10$, as I see it does not have much difference aesthetically ... I would like to buy one, I'm like your mother, I'm not very demanding, with that I get the time and can receive notifications while the phone is charging it works for me, I hope soon to get one.

Hopefully you can get the 5 because it's simplicistic and for just simple use. it's better to wait than buy the generic ones for durability and also more features.

I have doubts about the generics and the fact that they are also waterproof? Yes, it is definitely better the original miband 5 haha.

I was struck by your publication, because my husband in December gave me one that says 6 on the box, but by the features you give here and the comparison apparently it is actually 5, it has cost me many times is to connect it with the fitpro maybe because my phone is an Infinix Note 10, but it has helped me a lot to measure my blood pressure in the street and to know the amount of steps I take, but I must admit that I have been a lazy because I have not set out to learn more about its use, to get the most out of it, I would like to acquire a strap of another color to various a little or combine with some clothes.

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This is really a cool gift for mums indeed, I like that it helped her stress levels and makes her phone easier to find. What is technology for if not to make life easier, especially for the elderly.

Yeah! it's also reasonably priced. I really think it makes a cool gift and is looking to make the watch as a bday gift for other family members too 😃

Lol.. Yeah.. Its a cool gift really.
I ll look out for the local price here.