Reviewing Wireless Headphone From A Rising Tech Company JETE : JETE-06 Extreme

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A month ago, I broke my wireless Philips headphones that were only supposed to be for non-gaming activities. And because I was traveling, I didn’t have the chance to get a replacement.

Today, I finally bought a new one. I am buying one of the products from a rising tech company called JETE. It’s an Indonesian flagship that only started less than 6 years ago. Since the company is new, I tend to be quite skeptical, especially the prices that they are offering are middle to lower prices. In short, they are very affordable.


Their company mostly focuses on gadget accessories. They sell power banks to gaming keyboards and even webcam. Their audio is available in 4 categories including wireless headphones that I purchased. Now, let’s get into Unboxing and reviewing it!

JETE-06 Extreme Stylish Wireless Headphone For Daily Use



JETE products are dominant with orange color. Their boxes look more premium compared to Robot and Gamen, their competitor in the Indonesian market. Unboxing Jete feels like a present wrapped in luxurious boxes unlike the competitors that only wrap its headphone in a bag and sometimes nothing. My expectations towards them at that moment changed. For a new brand, they really take care of their appearance. You know, as they say, “ first impression matters”


Inside the box, there is a manual, a cable and a charger cable. One thing that I like to remind everyone is that don’t forget to read the manual. If there’s something that seems malfunctioning, you might be able to troubleshoot it yourself before asking for a refund. So inside the box was the headphone and those little accessories that accompanied it.



Premium look and feel


The design of this headphone is quite premium. It lives up to its name and is actually marketed to be a stylish wireless headphone. There are three colors of this product and I happen to get the gold one. It is apparently the only color available inside the store. Since I only use this at home and at the gym, I feel like this is too luxurious. Their straps are made of plastic but only a few parts are made from metal. However I feel like I could break it if I am not being too careful. Perhaps that’s a minus from this headphone.





Like many other headphones, it promises noise-canceling free. On top of that, it has 4 modes that we can use. So not only can we connect to bluetooth, we can listen to music with a SD Card. The features that are most important to me are noise-canceling and also wireless. These are crucial because I am using the headphones to work and also avoiding conversation at the gym. Surprisingly, it fits what I am looking for as I tested it today at the gym, at max volume I can not hear anything even though they blasted a loud music. Even when testing it at home while the megaphone of the mosque is playing the adzan (calling for prayer) I can’t hear anything. So its noise-canceling feature isn’t just a promise. The headphone is actually able to block noises from outside it. I am quite happy with my purchase as I haven’t found a cheap wireless headphone that actually lives up to their marketing.



The headphone is well-padded but it’s not over the ear. The straps are adjustable but even without adjusting it, especially if you have a small head, that’s gonna fit just fine. I also tested on my mom who has a smaller head than me and it looks just fine. It even covers her whole ear. I believe if I blast the music, it’s going to be thunderous. I already tested it for 70 minutes at the gym and it was comfortable. The headphone is also quite lightweight so it was definitely another comfort added.


Audio Testing

The bass is quite powerful which I think is better than its competitor. When I put the highest volume , it doesn’t make annoying scratchy noises. It plays any song just fine and especially since I listen to phonk (a music with hip hop and trap), this does the job.


Honestly, this headphone is way too luxurious for something that I need. I didn’t really expect this to be that good. As I mentioned in the past too, I didn’t want to gamble my money away when I bought a Robot product but after testing this one, I should not be afraid that time. One of my problems with this headphone is just the buttons that are multifunction. By that I mean, skipping and also increasing the volume is in one button. It’s annoying when I just want to increase/decrease the volume but I ended up skipping the song.

Overall, this is the shit if you are an introvert and want to get lost in your own thoughts. You will not hear anything around you. There will be only you and the music. Not to mention, the price is also reasonable. There are many cheaper priced headphone but after my experience testing some of them from different flagship cheaper and even the same price, I bet my money on JETE anytime.

An important note:

This is not a gaming headphone. It’s a regular headphone that’s suitable for daily activities and listening to music. Using this headphone for gaming is quite a stretch from its original purpose.


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Many times we limit ourselves to the most known brands, thinking in the confidence that they transmit us and we do not risk for other brands of less prestige, you hit the target with this acquisition, I really like the design and that golden color is perfect, this type of articles based on experience give us the necessary confidence to trust in what we somehow take as "poor quality", no doubt that if I see some JETE brand headphones, I will know they are good, enjoy your new acquisition, happy and blessed day.


😂 yeah that's the irony. I find that sometimes good brands don't mean they have the best quality but even with lesser known brand, it's hit or miss. I had bad experiences with some of them. I just hope this brand will expand overseas too especially catering to middle and low end budget accessories.

Wow! Those headphones looks amazing! I never tried a wirelessheadphone but i guess it can be really confortable.
Good for you and thanks for sharing ❤️

Wireless headphone is comfortable when you workout. And since I use it for that, definitely. Thanks for checking this out!

 last year Reveal Comment

wah, sayang sekali headphones philips nya rusak, padahal philips memiliki kualitas yg sangat baik. Semoga headphones JETE nya awet, ditunggu review selanjutnya.

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I was reading this a few days ago and forgot to comment 😂

It's nice to have an Indonesian brand doing well especially when there's bigger and cheaper competitors (China). I can't imagine you using that in the gym tho, what about the sweat? Wouldn't it be uncomfortable?

When I start seeing that brand in the PH I would know they're getting more and more popular :D

Same! I was reading your comment then I got lost and forgot to reply. I mostly check them on my phone then reply on my laptop.

I mostly use hoodie then the headphone, so the sweat won't directly reach on the headphone pads. My other trick is also to wipe my sweat before it gets too much & move the headphone to my hair. Then after use, I kinda sanitize them because I don't want to get germs around there :D

Ahh nice technique. Hahah wearing a hoodie also makes you lose weight easily, I guess that's your goal? Anyway lovely to hear you're keeping yourself healthy. 3 years+ of sitting in front of the computer really makes you crave for something physical movements haha