Replacing My Old Pocket Wifi With Huawei E5576

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Bye Bye Slow Internet


For three years, I have been relying on pocket wifi or MIFI. It’s pocket sized and mobile wifi that I carry everywhere. The previous Mifi that I have is from a telecommunication company and internet service provider. So far, I rarely have problems even when I travel in the rural areas. It’s convenient, can be used for multiple devices and just overall helpful. However, recently the provider is becoming more unreliable. It is often slow and often has network coverage issues. Since these days, I really need to have good internet speed and a stable one, the old wifi no longer does the job.

My annoyance was at the height today, when I was trying to write my thesis but the network was just suddenly disconnected. I tried to find what was going on and apparently many are having similar problems. So, I decided it’s time to move on.


My device, which is already 3 years old, needs to be retired. I browsed around for mobile wifi that can be delivered instantly. I found some stores but the one that caught my attention is huawei mobile pocket wifi. I found the E5576 model which has better reviews than the others. The wifi supports all internet providers with network range up to 10 meters in 16 devices. It’s also already 4G LTE which I definitely need. Not to mention, this Wifi comes with a new internet card which is 14GB (7GB for 2 months) from Telkomsel, one of the fastest internet service providers in Indonesia.

Long story short, after waiting for about an hour, the MIFI arrived. There are 2 colors for the MIFI, white and black. I didn’t specify what I wanted so, I was like “ alright, whatever color that’ll be, that’s okay” Obviously, my preference would be the black one. After the package was delivered, I opened the packaging and ta-da! I got the black one.


Huawei E5576 is an Indonesian made MIFI (as said in the packaging) with speed up to 150MBps ( though I don’t think it will be this fast). The battery is 1500 mAH which according to some reviews, can last up to 6 hours. I’ll have to prove this later. Then, it said that it features a bypass which lets us use the MIFI without the battery and only using the charger. The box comes with so many instructions on the packaging. It comes with notes as well. It took me about 10 minutes to read through everything that’s on the packaging.


Inside the packaging, it comes with a cable, instruction manuals, warranty and a sim card from telkomsel. The longest part about having to use the MIFI is to configure the network. I have to register everything and then I have to download the telkomsel app and then choose the free plan for 2 months. I mean, I can just skip this step but who doesn’t love free stuff?


After I configured everything, I did the speed test. It was quite decent where I got 22 Mbps and the download was 19Mbps. That is better than the previous provider and the Mifi that I got. Compared to my old Mifi, Huawei is more versatile, slimmer, and an actual pocket sized wifi. You can see the comparison below. My old one is chunky and actually the back lid is missing. Thus far, it’s a bit dangerous whenever I use it as I am afraid that I would spill water on it. I like my newer wifi, obviously especially the design and the size. On another note, I have not finished reading the manuals and explored the packages available from this new provider.


Overall, it was money well-spent and I hope this device would last long just like my old MIFI that has been through so much shit including free fall and frequent accidents. Obviously, I also say sayonara to slow connection. Though for some people, it’s very subjective as the network signal and coverage differs from one place to another. But for me, this will do and the network coverage and the signal were adequate. Do you have Mifi? do you think it's more convenient to have it especially if you are a digital nomad?

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Hey Mac, Congratulations on your new Device. So I plan on getting something of this nature though, maybe even similar to this. Where I currently stay, I go out of internet/network coverage at some certain area. Just to be clear before I spend the 'monies', do it work in a place with literally no service, and also do you still need to subscribe for a data bundle with the service provider?

It depends on your provider. Do they work in a place with no service? if there's no network coverage, then it'll be the same. And I don't know how it works in your country but no, I don't have to subscribe to this data bundle. If you want something similar, look for unlocked version which lets you use different providers instead just one provider.

Thank you.

I will have to find out.

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