Replacing My Old Keyboard With A Gaming Keyboard

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Gamen Keyboard Gk100


Recently, I am in the quest of building a PC. I don’t know how long it will take because I am mostly buying the part piece by piece without having any estimation budget nor time. And suddenly, today I was in the mood to make a bit of progress with my build. Other than that, I have to replace my 6 years old keyboard with newer ones.

My old keyboard was a 3$ keyboard that does the job. It was a regular keyboard that some parts of it were broken and even some of the signs faded away. I don’t really have any particular preference when it comes to the keyboard. I certainly want to get the expensive mechanical ones but for now, something below 30$ would do the job.


As I was browsing my Grab app, I found some stores that sell keyboard and pc accessories. I scrolled around and I found this mechanical gaming keyboard called Gamen. At first, I was skeptical because it was quite reasonably priced with an RGB backlight feature. The keyboard design is quite interesting and not monotone as seen on the product picture.

To make sure I don’t get scammed, I was checking youtube for reviews and how it looks. Apparently, it’s one of those cheap but good gaming keyboards. Some Indonesian gamer tech reviewers give it 7/10 as the rating for a low-end gaming keyboard.

Gamen GK 100 is a plug and play gaming keyboard with RGB full spectrum feature. As the box said, it was designed with an adjustable tilt standard for optimal angle. I have tried this feature and it was working as described. Unlike my previous laptop, the titl stands work and it’s quite comfortable. The RGB light is also adjustable which is another nice additional feature considering the price.


I tested all the keys and it all works fine. I like the design and overall keys. However, maybe since it’s the first time I am using it, the backspace wasn’t as smooth as my older keyboard. Compared to my old keyboard, gamen gk 100 has a wrist rest that makes typing really comfortable. Overall, I think this is one of the best purchases I’ve made recently. And I hope that this keyboard can last more than a year in my hands. Now I can move on to another stuff and see where my mood leads me to.

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Why all the gaming keyboards have backlight?

I have no idea. It's not only the keyboard, even the case and the fan. I have them all in RGB. So, maybe it's just the aesthetic?

Sweet! It looks stylish and sleek. Nice review. I hope it brings you much joy during these trying times.

I recently purchased Drevo's Calibur V2 Pro, my first gaming keyboard. It's a 71-key wired and wireless bluetooth version. The bluetooth can be a bit flaky though. I enjoy the feel of the key and the backlight effects. I also downloaded their software, which allows you to set up new keyboard and light configurations. This is useful for me because I'm left-handed, so I need to rebind game key shortcuts and the customized light effects help direct my visual focus more easily to key locations.

If only I could find more time to play!

Game on!

Yes! I simply love the color and the sound it made while I type, soooo satisfying.

Also, it seems like you've got a very nice keyboard yourself. Perhaps if I have more extra money to spend, I'll fully go wireless. So, I'll check out your keyboard 😁

I love your new keyboard, it looks beautiful. You did indeed get yourself a nice keyboard at a low cost, I hope you enjoy it very much and have success with the PC you are building.

yep, I love the new keyboard. I think it's gonna take a while for my PC mainly because the GPU price.

I want to build a new PC but with the cost of GPUs currently and no end in sight to the shortage, my estimate is somewhere near "never" at this point.

Nice choice of keyboard (^_^)

yes, it was a sweet deal too!

I'm planning to buy a mechanical keyboard as normal keyboard feedback is bad 😁

Good luck finding the one that suits you! are you getting a custom mechanical keyboard or just RGB ones?

a custom mechanical keyboard will be really expensive, I was looking at this product redragon k552