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RE: Tutorial to diagnose power supply failure in a computer / Tutorial diagnosticar falla en ordenador por fuente de alimentación

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I read this before I went to bed and just now I am able to leave a comment. I think we need more tutorial like this. I am not a hardware person but I love tinkering with it and learning something new. Since you mention you repair phone too, did you ever have customer who got water damaged and their screen flickering? if so, how do you repair those?


Hello, such a friend. First of all, thank you for leaving your comment I appreciate Micho that and encourages me to segrude from bringing interesting content to the community. Well when a team arrives with wet screen the steps I do are the following: I disarm it and proceed to clean it with the ultra sound machine. But I have it, I do it with Senpillo Old Delta and isopropyl alcohol. And then I analyze with the multimeter and tester components that are bad on the plate. And I proceed to change bad asonents. If there is not the failure, I would then go to the screen. There depends on where the damage is. I first reviewed each FLEX that is in good performance and in ocacation the screens have computers of micro electronics, these are the ones that I analyze with the multimeter, it depends on it is of poor quality the bak lai can be changed but if the water entered among all their layers there already opened that change