Is Xiaomi Mi Band 6 better than Mi Band 5 ?

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Why did I decide to get a fitness tracking device?

About a week ago after I did a small hike to Punthuk Setumbu, I had the idea of finally buying a smart watch. That hiking was my strong reason to get one as whenever I go, I always carry an oximeter and activate my samsung health to track my steps, meals, and exercises. That sounded less complicated but now with smart watches becoming more advanced, those tasks seem to be a hassle. When it could actually be done just with one device and that is, the wearable smart watch. And another reason that also influenced me to get one was when I saw how my brother got fit in just less than 8 months. I know that he wasn’t really into fitness before and was too lazy to even exercise. But now, he’s transformed into someone who is always aware of his health, watches what he eats and even exercises. This impressed me and motivated me to start living more healthier lifestyle and make the whole process easier.

And when I was looking for that, I stumbled upon a post from a hiver that was writing a short review of mi band 5 which was released last year and launched at a competitive price. From that post, I roughly got the idea of what to expect. Though I am opposed to buying Xiaomi as the brand, I decided to give their wearable technology a try.Compared to other brands, Xiaomi always offers lower prices with more features than, say, Samsung. With less than 100$, one can get one of the Xiaomi Bands. Xiaomi itself is pretty popular in Indonesia as again, it has a competitive price with more features. And based on these considerations, today I went to one of the official shops of Xiaomi in my city to check these smart watches.

When I was at the shop, I was presented with two options, mi band 5 or mi band 6.The staff was friendly enough to answer my curiosity about the product and even let me test the watches. So, the description below is something that I am re-telling from my experience of testing both watches and how I ended up choosing Mi band 6.





Before I was really asked to test things out, I told the staff that my phone isn’t Xiaomi and I use Samsung. He explained that the smartwatches use bluetooth 5.0. So, he wanted to make sure that my phone has it. Though he said that below that version will still work, he was just concerned about the notification from my phone that won’t show up on the band. Mixing the two itself is pretty odd to say the least. That prompted the staff to tell me to check out with the two of them and that’s where I get to experience testing the bands.

From what I saw, Mi band 5 has a smaller display than Mi band 6 which is also something the staff excitedly told me about. He kept emphasizing about the display that is bigger and more fuller. It seems that each year, they are making the display bigger. The Mi band 6 itself has amoled screen with approximately 50% increase and in the staff word, “ well, you see compared to mi band 6, it’s looks more fuller than mi band 5” while I keep swiping left and right and examining the features, he kept mentioning how the design is better than mi band 5. Mi band 6 itself was launched this year and only reached the Indonesian market in about 5 months. So, no wonder that the staff tried to get me to pick band 6. The main difference between mi band 6 and mi band 5 is the touch button. In mi band 6 there’s no touch button. So, this is something that you can put as consideration when deciding which band to get.




When it comes to features, The staff told me that mi band 5 has 11 fitness support while mi band 6 supports 30 types of exercises including zumba and basketball. Though I personally don’t do those exercises, knowing that swimming is supported, I am more than happy. The staff told me that both are waterproof and can be used for pool swimming exercises but he reminded me “ do not use them at the sea”. So when it comes to this, you can consider if you want more options to track your fitness or lesser options to the exercises.

While the other features remain the same such as the whatsapp notification, call notification, women’s health monitor, the additional sp02 feature which wasn’t available in mi band 5 now is available in mi band 6 is really helpful as we live in covid-19 world. I tested that feature and it worked. Unfortunately, I have yet to compare it with my Oximeter to know if that is accurate and produces the same result.

When it comes to the battery, they are the same, having 125 mAh with charging time of 2 hours which will last up to 8-9 days if it is used regularly, as the staff said. “But if it’s not regular then it can be more than 10 days” he added.

If you are someone like me who enjoys pomodoro sessions, this mi 6 band has it. That feature is a plus point to me that I can set up a pomodoro session on the watch rather than my phone or my laptop.


The Price

As I mentioned numerous times about Xiaomi’s price competitiveness. Mi band 6 and Mi band 5 only differ quite a bit. In the local currency, Mi band is priced at 400.000IDR and mi band 6 for 600.000IDR. So, it is going to be quite a tough decision to decide whether the extra 200.000IDR is worth it for the bigger display and more fitness tracking options and the sp02 feature? I asked myself that question and thought about it for more than 20 minutes before finalizing my decision.


Should You Upgrade ?

It appears that xiaomi keeps rolling out smart watches each year. So, since mi band 6 is released this year, you might as well wait for the 7 one. But if you already have mi band 5, depending on your needs, especially fitness needs and that minor feature, maybe it could be worth it to upgrade to mi band 6. The plus point that I see is the bigger display and that I needed the sp02 features. But when it comes to picking something in your budget that is under 100$, I’d recommend getting band 6 rather than band 5 as it has more fitness tracking feature than its predecessor.


Unboxing the package



This won’t be complete without an unboxing. I am about to show you what is inside the box of Mi band 6 that I got. Inside the box there is the watch, a magnetic usb charger, and a manual in several languages.

The BandManualCharger

The actual unboxing was happening at the store as I also navigated the watch.It was only 4% and I was allowed to charge it until 10% which took about 5-10 minutes. Oh yeah, before that, if you decide to get this xiaomi band, don’t forget to download the application at the playstore. It will save you time at the store. Another thing is, I saw some other color bands but I decided to just go with black because that’s one of my favorite colors.


Was it worth it?

Mi band 6 is definitely going to add some values in my life which I think is worth it. From the sp02 to pomodoro features, these are all important to me including the stress level that I find quite fascinating. I hope you find value in this review and if you are currently about to get one, you can always refer to this review.


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Very nice review, I too own A mi band 6 for the price I found it to be amazing and with the Xiaomi Wear app on my poco X3 NFC phone it syncs very nice.

My only complaint would be that its wristband is A little annoying I find it just falls off if I accidentally catch my arm on my sleeve or object I rather those lock on wrist ones than the normal push into hole ones.

Fantastic post.

wristband is A little annoying I find it just falls off if I accidentally catch my arm on my sleeve or object I rather those lock on wrist ones than the normal push into hole ones.

Thanks for that warning! I am somewhat clumsy and that's another reason why I don't generally trust these brands. There are only a few brands I trust but all of them are out of my budget :') Do you suggest getting a screen protector as well? I have seen it around and considering getting one.

I loved reading this, I too have been wanting to buy a smartwatch. I bought a imitation one, it's not bad, but it never compares to a xiaomi or samsung one. Having a smartwatch like this, makes things much easier when going out to exercise and can also be a motivation to leave a sedentary life. From the mi band 6, I love that it has an oxygen meter and that the screen is bigger. By the way, the band in black is better hahaha.

If I may know, which brand is it? I would suggest getting Mi Band because they are way more affordable than Samsung ones. Though if you are willing to spend above 200$, Samsung is definitely going to be my choice and something I'd recommend. I saw them at display today as well and tested it from the store display, those were great but can't afford them yet haha. Also yea, the screen is the plus point from this version and I read there's NFC version of this too.

I would also love to buy a samsung band, but I have to use the money on other things hehe. I have heard that the huawei ones are also very good, but they are expensive too. The one I bought is a HW22, it has no brand name. It is an imitation of the apple watch.

I was checking out your post @josecarrerag and the design looks alright. I hope you can buy one of samsung bands soon 😊

congratulations on that new watch, greetings

I have been wanting to buy the Mi band 6 for a while, my daughter has the Mi Band 5 and she loves her watch. Your post has again awakened my desire to buy the xiomi Mi Band 6, I love knowing that it has so many useful features.

You can also wait for Xi Mi Band 7 if you want but for now, the 6 one is really good enough and as I explore the features, I am in love with it. So, you should consider getting one too !

u go with ur fit self! :) i hope that u make good use of that. i tried a cheapo chinese one just to see how i liked it.. not for me. i wore it for a week then gave it away.. :P

my dad and wife have fitbits and it's cool how they can see how many steps the other one did and its like friendly competition.

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