Gamen GH1 100 Pro Headphone Review

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Could you find a decent gaming style headphone under 80$?

For many, an entry level gaming style headphone is an option especially for mobile gaming and for those those without a deep pocket. But among many of these options, could you actually find something decent?


These days there are many brands releasing entry level headphones with competitive features. However, when it comes to audio gear, there is a rule I follow: never expect a high quality result if it is under 100$. Don’t get me wrong, we can expect something decent but the quality won’t match something of razer, sony audio, and other high-end professional gaming headphones. These types of headphones are just good enough for daily simple use.

A few months ago, I wrote a review about the Robot RH G Joy. The price was relatively reasonable with decent audio quality and materials. Today, I am about to compare it with another headphones that should also serve a similar purpose, talking while gaming and also compare it to the previous Robot RH G Joy.

I am going to compare it with a product from Gamen, a branch from an Indonesian company which attempts to focus on its gaming line. Many of their products are catered to gamers unlike Robot, their main line that focuses on regular daily use. The reason I choose their product was because, I got a Gamen keyboard and was quite satisfied. Now, I got its headphone to test whether they live up to their purpose, creating a competitive priced gaming gear.

The one that I reviewed today is Gamen GH1 100 Pro with 3D stereo surround, immerse audio and lightweight build. There’s also a controller for voice and the volume which is a plus when compared to Robot RH G Joy. This headset also features an RGB lighting effect that you can power through a USB.

For under 50$, this headset is quite decent as in the style and the quality of audio. However, this headset still receives too much background noise if you set the volume higher which makes it quite uncomfortable unlike Robot which has better noise canceling and background noise feature better than Gamen GH1 100 pro. However, if style is something you’re aiming for, gamen has it. Their design is always good for an entry level gaming gear with a touch of RGB light. It looks fancy for less than a 50$ headphone.

Audio Testing

After some use, I do think the quality is slightly reduced. And overall, it is decent enough if you are not picky about audio quality. But for those whose ears are sensitive and only want quality, I don’t think this is for you. Even for me, I think it was a mistake buying the headphone. I ended up giving it away after two months having it, and won’t buy any gamen headphones anymore.


And to answer the initial question, it is challenging to find anything decent with better audio and mic quality for a budget under or about 50-100$. I hope next time I can finally review a razer kraken kitty headphone; still saving up for that but those cat ears headphones are really cute and seem like a better investment especially for 2D social VR experience and gaming.


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Cool headphones and excellent review. The main thing that concerns me is how tight they are on your head after extended use. I have some Mixcder headphones that are pretty neat. Unfortunately, they are tight so not good for extended use. It is especially bothersome if you talk all day, then your jaw begins to hurt. How do the Gamen headphones feel?

Whoa! I always want that kind of foldable headphone. I have another foldable one but it's not like that. It can be folded but just a simpler fold. Gamen feels heavy haha since it's not wireless and it's chunky too so you can't travel with it. Many gaming headphone aren't that slim and not portable friendly. I ended up always using my wireless Philips headphone but that's not gaming friendly either. I swear, getting a decent headphone these days is not easy.

They work great, and they come with a hard case for travel. I just wish they weren't so tight, but maybe I just got a big head. 🤣

With it being that inexpensive, I guess you would expect a lower quality and some certain hiccups but for a beginner in gaming, it would be awesome.

Yeah, that's what I always keep in mind when being inexpesive things. It's hard to get quality with such a price but a girl can only dream 😅. I think for beginner, those who only started playing, they'd think those headphones are cool but if you've ever had something cooler, they are really mediocre and sub-par.

I think if you have nothing to compare it with, it will be totally amazing.

my sister had those cat ear headphones, but I can't find the photo I took with it😣

I looked kawaii

edit: look your DM🤣

Your sister is muy rico 😄 those cat ears are above 100$ and still expensive to me haha. I'll check my DM and see if it's worth it.

love your headphonegaming.

it is always good to buy equipment that satisfies us.
good choice

True, only buy things that can satisfy us instead of doing random purchases.

I have seen in stores headphones from a brand called onikuma, in the 30-60 price range and they have great sound quality. Of course, when looking for headphones with noise cancellation, 3D sound and a few other things, the cost will go up quite a bit. Check out the Onikuma, I have found them to be a good brand.

I have never heard of Onikumagaming. It's new and I'll check them out if they are available locally. Many of headphones aren't available locally and have to be shipped from the origin country which is something I hate, I hate waiting 😄. For now, I really want to get Razer or maybe Corsair. I heard logitech is good too. I had one but the simpler ones with mic, it was just still lacking to me. In fact, when I was drafting this post, I also wrote the review but I didn't include it since I don't have the pictures of the headphone and I am at another place.

Here technology has to be bought abroad, although there are stores that bring that kind of merchandise, many times I don't get what I want and I have to wait for a shipment, which I hate too haha. I love the Corsair brand, I will be watching to see which one you buy. I hope you get one that meets your expectations.

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Maybe if you can get some good headphones for a price below $100, Logitech for example has devices below that price, but of course, it all depends on the level of demand of the consumer in terms of sound quality.

I have logitech too and the quality seems to be in tune with the price. So, the more expensive the gadget is, the better quality. But compared to robot, logitech definitely is better than those Robot and Gamen which are under the same company but different brands catering different market.