My First Time Playing Fall Guys! IT WAS CHAOTIC!!!!

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I never heard of Fall Guys until some of my friends were playing this game live-streamed through Discord. I thought it was really cute! Those quirky hotdogs running around was so funny to watch.

They invited me to play and so, I tried to download the game in my laptop. Too bad, the game is not available in MacOS, what the heck? It was such a bummer! So, I switched to my Windows laptop. It was so slow because my Windows laptop has a lot of files. I just called it a night because I was so pissed at this point, wahah!

Never give up, right? The last resort that I have was my Nintendo Switch. So, I just downloaded and connected it with Epic Games. Good thing about this game is it is free! As a cheapskate, my wallet is happy. People know me not to spend on things especially if I can have it for free. I was so thrilled to play this game because it seemed to be fun and chaotic, lol.


Me in a plain, blue suit!

As a first timer to play this game, it is really confusing to navigate the platform. But as I scrutinized more, I found it easy to hop in to different tabs. Apparently, I can change my looks by buying items or finishing some challenges. By the way, so funny that I call them hotdogs when they actually are jellybeans. My jelly, for now, is plain, haha!

I waited for the room to be filled with 60 people. It took for about 30 seconds for the game to start. I am loving the 3D mini games! Before the game starts, there will be rules and movement instruction prompt. So, a jelly bean can grab, climb, dive, and jump throughout the game. So there are obstacles to go through and make sure not to fall!

After the preview of the obstacles, there will be a countdown, and bang! Off you go! Look at me as the plain Jane among the players. For sure some of these peeps had already played few times. I was not sure if I was going to make it to the finish line, but did my best and followed my instinct. I managed to each the end of the game, phew.


It was so funny that I have to pause to think of what to do, HAHA!

Look how clueless I was. I remembered pressing all the button on the Switch console to find the jump button. So, apparently I have to move the boxes to be able to climb the walls. Well, it was okay because I saw some players clueless too, lol. Ack~ I managed to climb the walls and go throughout the obstacles. I reached the finish line but was too slow. This was a warm up for me in later's game with my friends.

With My Friends, Yey~


My HivePH friends and I in jellybean form >_<

I was able to catch up with my friends on HivePH Discord this time. At first we had a hiccup connecting to each other. It was hard collecting us in one group because probably we used different platforms. @demotry and @arcgspy were using PC, and @wittyzell was using Playstation. Different platforms, different buttons, ugh. Bottom line was we were able to connect in the same room, phew!

Look how cool their suits are! Me so jelly, no pun intended.

So, in my understanding, one member of the group should at least finish in top place in the mini-game to carry the group in the next round. Look how chaotic when players began to pile up in one place. I cannot even see myself in the throng of jellybeans. What I do is just press buttons and navigate at this point, HAHA! I hate the trapeze part because I spent too much in going back and forth on the obstacle, ugh! Players are eliminated if they are too slow. Players who managed to get to the finish line will be qualified in the next game customed for small number of players.

We played more rounds and this time was a snow-themed mini game. I got rattled up when I saw a big snowball coming, like WTF let me through! The trick that I used was just to follow the direction of where people will go, HAHA! Oh, a poor guy in a green suit was smashed by the snowball. I did not feel bad because we have to get to the finish line, HAHAHAHAHA! I was wishing that most players will trip on the snowball to get us to the next round.

I had a hard time jumping on these moving platforms. I managed to hop in to two and then falling out afterwards. I had to put up my highest coordination game plan in order to finish this obstacle. While I was trying to put my two brain cells together, my friends over the voice chat was cheering me up. Obviously, they already finished the mini game. They were just waiting for me to get to the finish line.

I purposesly stopped for a minute just to take a screeshot. UwU



This game is perfect for laughs and just being away from the hectic world. This is a game I would play if I am stressed out. Though it is cute and all, I find this game good for the brain. I like strategic planning and competitiveness. It can accommodate up to 60 players which is really a plus for me. The downside that I can comment is that players with different gaming platforms cannot create a room. Overall, I really enjoyed the game and the company of my friends! It was a blast! ^__^

My rating: 9/10

That is it for this blog. I will see you at the next one!
📸 Screenshot are from Fall Guys. All photos are owned and taken by me, otherwise credited. ©️jijisaurart


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Awiiii! Ang cutiie dzai ☺️😁 bet ko rin kaso mabagal pa sa slow ang lappy ko kaya makitawa nalang ako rito sa gedli 😂

They are so cute running around the obstacles wahaha!

Fall Guys is fun to play with friends! Happy to play with y'all again pag may time hahaha tapos magsisigawan lang sa vc kasi nalalaglag nang paulit-ulit 😂

Yey! Let's play again when time permits. I am shy kasi I am not that good yet huhu /_\

Jiji, gamer era!

This is a game I would play if I am stressed out.

Good thing this is how you look at this game. My friends call this as the stressful game kaya minsan lang namin laruin. Lol.

Oh, it is more fun when we do bardagulan over the voice chat HAHA join you sometime C ha :)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh, been waiting it on Epic Games to be free tapos di ko panaiinstall gorl! Sa ps4 lang ng bayaw ko to nalalaro dati eh.

Yeah, it is free. Thank God. As a cheap person like me, my wallet is happy to know that I can download it for free HAHA!

Hi dear, welcome to the community, I think it's the first time I see you here.

Congratulations for playing a game as good as Fall Guys! There is no person in the world who doesn't like this game I think, you described it perfectly in your conclusion. It is ideal to distract yourself from the hustle and bustle of the world and have fun with friends.

I am going to leave you some small recommendations, the first one is that as far as possible you translate your publications to Spanish, it is not obligatory but it is important since the community is Spanish speaking, this would give you more visualization in your publication.

Also tell you that in this community we value the interaction between members, I recommend you to interact a little, taking into account that Hive is a social network and as such you should interact.

Goodbye and sorry for my bad English.

Thanks a lot for the recommendation! Yeah, I noticed that this is a Spanish-speaking community. Will it suffice if I use Google translate? I have zero knowledge of Spanish. Thanks for dropping by, by the way!

Hello again. Yes, you can use google translator, but DeepL Translate is much better, try it.

uwu you stopped in the middle to take a photo? 😂 sounds like me too LOL though I never did that yet, coz I wanna finish first everytime 🤣 so competitive, right?
Let’s play it again!! Too bad we can’t create a custom room with players of different platforms. tsk

and I didn’t notice it’s a jelly until you pointed it out. I just thought they’re so cute creatures 😅

!LUV it!
and i didn’t know you practiced! hahaha

Yeaas, I like your competitiveness, Witty-sama carry us UwU.

Actually, I researched what are those creatures. Turn out to be jellybean-like according to their site, lol. Indeed very cute!

Haha it looks cute kaso kahit pa anong cute nya diko pa rin lalaruin coz Im uvuv sa mobile games hahaha. Galing galing naman Jiji UwU

It is easy to navigate actually haha! I just do not like games like Mobile Legends because my two brain cells cannot understand that game WAHAHA

Hahahaha ay isa payang ml na yaan haha.

They do like hotdogs or sausages rather than jellybeans :D Good for you that you find enjoyment in this. Have fun!

Yeah, me too! I thought they were hakdogs HAHA turned out to be jellybeans. Either way, they are so cute!

Parang ang cute naman nyan laruin

Yeah, it was really fun! We had bardagulan over voice chat haha. It was chaotic!

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Oh, I bet your nephew and niece enjoyed this chaotic game HAHA! Fun to just watch!