RMB City: Living In The Virtual World Of Second Life

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May 27, 2023

This is still part of M+ Museum blog series and today I'll share with you the virtual world of Second Life - the RMB City.

RMB City is an ambitious creation of Cao Fei, a multi-media artist from Guangzhou, China. Her artwork focuses on the vast internet culture of China, the borders between reality and dreams, while highlighting the huge impact of foreign influences.

The RMB City in M+ is the offline version of Cao's Second Life Virtual World that has different versions featured in different art exhibitions in other parts of the world. Inside are different video screens showing different virtual games along with collections of Cao's original avatars and other artworks.

As art curator Pi Li said, "They created something that does not exist, and we have to find a way to make that more tangible."

Cao made the RMB City Virtual World of Second Life more tangible in this exhibition. The video installations allow visitors from the real world to connect with the virtual space, which is the main objective of the exhibition.

There are moving images that gave me the impression that I was in the virtual world. The interactive rooms allow visitors to connect with each other and the online world. Kids are those that enjoyed virtual displays more.

Some areas similar to game stations allow visitors to play the installed games and become part of the game, like those virtual games where players entered the virtual space as one of the game characters. It was truly a fun experience wandering the second-life virtual world of RMB City.

Aside from RMB City, there are a lot of interesting displays in the next room such as architectural designs and concepts by different artists, a huge frame of old comic pages, moving images, and more to see in this museum that I will feature in my following posts by batch since they are quite a lot.

This is such a big museum and our half day wasn't enough to visit all exhibitions. I must recommend M+ Museum to those planning to visit Hong Kong someday.

Just click the attached links above for the references

That's all for today.

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After seeing the first picture I was confused thinking whether it was real or not. it was giving me both real and artificial type feelings.

I want to capture a photograph like your last one in the same pose.

The same vibe when I saw the place.. It was truly amazing...

Beautiful paintings nice place..

It's feel like this M museum is very large and Have many things to see and observe 😍

It is.. Just imagine 33 galleries inside..

😳😳😳 that's really a big


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what a beautiful place to walk around, by the way, great pictures

Playing as one of the character? Naku nakakatakot Naman. Parang Ang pangit din isipin na mamatay ka doon sa loob Ng game hehehe. Pero Ang galing Ng nakaisip nito ano.

That usually happens sa online games.. Hehe.. It isn't new anymore..but this exhibition is amazing. Kids had fun.

And for sure kahit malalaki nag enjoy hehehe.