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RE: Reviewing Wireless Headphone From A Rising Tech Company JETE : JETE-06 Extreme

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I was reading this a few days ago and forgot to comment 😂

It's nice to have an Indonesian brand doing well especially when there's bigger and cheaper competitors (China). I can't imagine you using that in the gym tho, what about the sweat? Wouldn't it be uncomfortable?

When I start seeing that brand in the PH I would know they're getting more and more popular :D


Same! I was reading your comment then I got lost and forgot to reply. I mostly check them on my phone then reply on my laptop.

I mostly use hoodie then the headphone, so the sweat won't directly reach on the headphone pads. My other trick is also to wipe my sweat before it gets too much & move the headphone to my hair. Then after use, I kinda sanitize them because I don't want to get germs around there :D

Ahh nice technique. Hahah wearing a hoodie also makes you lose weight easily, I guess that's your goal? Anyway lovely to hear you're keeping yourself healthy. 3 years+ of sitting in front of the computer really makes you crave for something physical movements haha