Vampire Survivors Android - Game so crowded it made my phone hot

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Vampire Survivors for Android is a lot more inferior than the PC version, even if it is currently free. Besides the lack of content, I've found that it is really poorly optimized as well, and even on a decent-ish phone such as my Galaxy A71 it can get absolutely unplayable at higher levels when there are too many enemies on screen and bullets flying around.

The only way I could break free from the lag was by getting in and out of the game, but eventually my controls would lock up again. I've left a review detailing on this on the game's page, so let's hope it's an issue that gets addressed.

and this is my first upload to 3speak o/

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Olá, recomendo que você veja as regras da comunidade para evitar ser silenciado nela. Saudações.

I didn't know there was a mobile version!!! I always thought that this game should exist to play some casual games, a pity the optimization issue, I looked in the Play Store and unfortunately, apparently it is not compatible with my phone :( will have to wait until they release their version.