RX 6400 Unboxing and Benchmarks - Good Results... Outside of recording.

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Source from ASRock's website with info about the card

Now, I'm on my last post I sort of promised to talk about this GPU, since I had bought it to use on this new PC.
And I was having a total blast all day long, but for some reason which I can't quite pin down - be it my single channel ram (which is becoming dual channel tomorrow thanks to 24hr shipping) or perhaps even Intel's QuickSync getting in the way, the results were rather... Underwhelming to say the least.

Maybe it's a combination of both, maybe QuickSync would work better with dual channel, honestly, I have no clue.
But all I can say is that the results you're about to see are not representative of the experience I've been having. And that's a total shame! I like recording gameplay, and while the replay buffer functionality of OBS isn't interfering gameplay in the slightest, it's still sad to see such poor performance during actual recordings.
I'll see to it and try to get these things sorted out. Maybe it's just some wrong configuration on my part, but if you ignore the stutters, which don't actually happen while not recording, you can have a great idea about good this card actually is, despite all the hate it gets online.

Here's my system as reported by AMD's software, and it's a pretty good system for what I paid for, I just really don't understand why the recordings came off so bad.

So instead of relying on the recordings, I'll give you my results via text without a proper video reference.
Unfortunately Cyberpunk 2077 was left out of the recording due to a last minute update.
But maybe that was its saving grace, as all other games ran like trash while recording.

Outside of recording:
DmC 5 = Locked 60 FPS
Resident Evil 2: Locked 60FPS
Quake 2 RTX at 60% res scale: 35 to 60FPS (lol)
Cyberpunk 2077: 40 to 60FPS at medium settings with FSR Ultra Quality
Cyberpunk 2077 with raytraced reflections: A beautiful 4FPS (lol again).

And here's my proof CDPR decided to update their game at the worst possible moment.

Anyway, overall I'm pretty happy with this card when it comes to non-recording or streaming related activities, basically gaming and watching high quality videos.
The fact that it's an AMD card also makes my life a lot easier when running my OS of choice (Linux).

I'll keep looking into ways to fix this recording problem of mine, this really odd problem, seeing as how replay buffer works flawlessly. But I'm sure I'll find a way.

Perhaps I'll have an emulation showcase up later on, I wonder how RPCS3 and CEMU run on this thing as the i5 8400 isn't too bad for that kind of stuff.
But I'm pretty sure this card could keep it together when it comes to emulation at higher resolutions, after all, it is running Cyberpunk, that's pretty impressive for $120.

Anyways, I'll go try and fix my recording problem now. I might update my status on this later on as I'm sure the lack of an encoder is a real deal breaker for tons of people when buying this card, but as long as I can get H264 QuickSync running properly, I'll be happy enough... Even at 720p, I don't mind.

Have a good day, bee brothers and sisters!

All images and videos without sources are mine.


awesome upgrade my friend. this is the dream on many gamers out there.

It's a dream that with time and patience, all may be one day able to achieve! Thanks for commenting.

F for that cyberpunk update mi bro Hahaha.

Congrats on that RX 6400! Its runs perfectly every game i see. Nice!

Very nice upgrade for value for money, I've never had an AMD GPU but I can see that it runs you very well what you test. !PIZZA


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