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RE: Mi experiencia usando GNU/Linux // My experience using GNU/Linux [ESP-ENG]

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Great choice with Fedora, it's my personal favourite.

And about gaming, I've been running Windows and Linux side by side for 10 years now. The amount of progress we've had on the gaming space is simply outstanding and we have Valve to thank for that.
I still remember when Proton was launched in 2018 - the tool that allows us to launch Windows games from Steam on Linux. It was buggy and very few games were supported, but I knew the potential was there.
Now 99% of my Steam library is playable, it's wonderful.

That 1% though... I've got my Xbox, I can play them there, but still, sort of sucks that I can't play Paladins or PSO2.


I believe that the work that is being done is very good and I am sure that in a few years we will see those rewards, thank you for commenting.