My Experience With Samsung Keyboard Trio 500

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In reality, only some people who blog and make a story have the technology that is a trend. Some people here, including me, use the phone all around; such an alternative in everything. Camera, to be exact. Some users here only had a phone to capture and make the story into a Hive-written blog. One or two are looking for the best alternative to the keyboard as writing your blog on the screen of your phone limits you to type fast, making it longer and tiring as the space is limited. I will make my review of a Bluetooth keyboard by Samsung. The price is P2200.00 ($40) Philippines peso for the December Holliday sale. Is this worth it, or is it just a loss?

What with the hand? Haha, still LSS with 'thing' in the Series of Wednesday Adams I watched LOL.

I got the keyboard free when I decided to reward myself this December 2022 with a simple and cheap tablet to use, especially when I travel away from home; the problem with a laptop is that I feel heavy with it all the time, especially when I travel kilometres far to the farm, I also afraid that I might lose my data's when the rain comes for I travel using a single bike motor, or stolen by people around the area. So I brought an alternative to where I could still use to alter the laptop. So the trigger for me to buy the tablet is the FREE keyboard as a gift.

The first thing that I loved about the keyboard is the light weight. The keyboard length was comfortable for my hand size, and I admit that I have long fingers that give me the best experience in fast typing as if I am playing with the keys giving me comfortable space to write even when I close my eyes for a few seconds.

The keyboard size was 5 inches (13cm) in width and 11 inches (28cm) in length. Light and comfortable, silent typing sound. What I loved about the typing experience was the same as my laptop and the hidden features it offers.

It has an off swift on the left corner, having a 1cm thickness to 0.4 cm slope.

The Features Suggestions.

There are features the keyboard offers that you might enjoy. Its Bluetooth connectivity provides you to connect not just one device but also the shortcuts that follow:

The first feature is the 3-build application. Opening the application with your phone and tablet was accessible with just one click. For example, if you want to open your PeakD, just set it up to the Tri-Application shortcuts. By doing it, first open the application you want to make shortcuts, like your Chrome, and second, long-press the [APP 1], and it will default. If you wish to open your Chrome in no time, press the [APP 1], and the keyboard will bring it to you immediately. Allowing you to multi-task just one shortcut, you can go to other applications that could make at least three applications cut short.

F4 to F6 is the shortcut for your table/phone menu bar, recent bar and even close bar. The keyboard is designed for you to be free-handed. I enjoyed this with my tablet because I didn't need to touch the screen frequently; the commands and shortcuts made me work in typing speed.

This where comes the name "Trio" you can connect at least three devices in one keyboard, which means that you can connect your Phone, Tablet, and PC in one sitting. The features allow you to designate one command to any device. Connect your phone to the Bluetooth provider and press the [F7-F9]. So the next time you are typing your blog on your tablet and suddenly someone messages you on the phone, just swift the device easily with the command provided with the keyboard.

You can also operate the lightness and brightness of your device efficiently with one press of your keyboard. This will help your writing mood.

Shortcuts for watching videos are also made easy with the keyboard. Your smart keyboard detects that you are watching your favorite series you can easily fast forward or backward with just short cut one press. Same with the volumes and silent mood.

The keyboard was powered with an AAA battery, which also includes when you brought one, expected that at least will power your keyboard for months, and when its drains, it effortlessly be detached and replaced.

I am NOT techy and have yet to familiarize myself thoroughly with some offers like the 'DEX' mood of the keyboard. There may be part two and a longevity test soon.

Overall, it gives me the primary purpose as they lights and could travel anymore without worrying that my data in my laptop could be lost; I am using the said keyboard while writing this blog at the moment, and it has been two weeks now, and still, there was no problem I saw in the fails of typing words and the benefits that I got it FREE gives me satisfaction.

For bloggers looking for a keyboard and students who are fond of writing, the keyboard might be affordable and intelligent for you. The typical command of your classic keyboard is added with some innovative items.


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Thanks for the review, a lot of us indeed use our mobile phones for almost everything we do online. The phone is easier to carry around unlike heavy laptops, police harassment has made a lot of people do away with carrying laptops around.

I believe that the keyboard will make things comfortable with your review. Health wise, it also has its advantages.

You must use it while sitting which means you need a good posture and your phone won't come too close to your eyes.

police harassment has made a lot of people do away with carrying laptops around.

For real? Why they were insecure to people who held laptop ?

Yeah the best thing I am enjoying right now as I could travel far and open it anytime knowing it's wireless. Thanks for reading mean.

They have the mentality that going around with a laptop makes you a suspected internet fraud, they judge everyone for the crime of a few people.

Congrats on your new keyboard. Its looks pretty good!

Its important that you read and accept the terms and rules of the community, ill leave you the link to it:

Also, in Geek zone is very important to support other people content, so they will do the same with yours.

Have a nice day!

Thank you for the warm welcome to the community admin, I read the rules and enlightened how and what should be done. I wished to have more gadget to review soon LOL.

it is so small....pero portable. ganda.

putek energizer. hahahahahaha.

nice one po.

Uy oo super portable niya now hehe, sana tumagal pang magagamit whahaha. Free to eh baka di tumagal.

tatagal yan. I belib in u!

What's important is it does the job and it seems it works for you. Good review! It's convenient for it is light and small and easy to carry around or store.

Yeah, performance wise the k.board seaes doing the best for now kuys.

It sounds like you are really enjoying your new keyboard :) ... How long have you been blogging???


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Thank you for the token gift @wrestlingdesires; yeah, I am enjoying it at the moment, hehe. I started blogging just last year, though, I am not native or knowledgeable, for eng was foreign to me, hehe, but still trying my best.

I'm glad you got involved in blogging :) Have you ever heard of Dreemport???

I'm glad you enjoyed the tokens 🙌


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Wow how great it is a quite ergonomic and cool keyboard a keyboard that can be used everywhere and also can be used anywhere at any time at any time I like how small it can be taken anywhere besides the question of the battery makes it kinda durable love that keyboard

Exactly @josuerr29. Its size suits my bag and compartment so I can use it anytime and anywhere. I am also checking the battery capacity of the keyboard, thou I always make sure to turn it off to save power when I use it. Thank you for stopping by.

Hey what an incredible gift, for $40 I think it's a good investment, since that is so necessary today in dai that the phone is used a lot, and as you say a laptop although with much more capacity tends to be a little difficult to transport, I am very careful with mine. gracis for sharing :D

Same thought, I still need my laptop for data capacity and performance, just that tablet and the keyboard will be used as alternatives. Indeed my investment too, so I won't be missed writing stuff now and in the future.

This is very handy when you travel a lot or prefer to work outside. I like the sleek design as well as the color. For sure it is satisfying to type when blogging, hihi


Haha wala namang laban to sa keyboard mo Jiji.


I love how small and handy this keyboard is! I've been looking for a mini keyboard since I love working in cafes. Might consider this one.


Yun oh, well I am still on the plan for studying next month kasi hehe kaya get ko na agad to, I need it for the future use so sana tumagal-tagal naman kahit 6 mons lang haha.


I have similar keyboard like this one but it's not samsung. This one looks like it's worth it since it's wireless. I find that wireless is much more convenient to use that non wireless one.

It's ideal for me the wireless thing too. I am not that organized when it comes to my bag, haha, so wired one indeed causes messed. I think the brand "Samsung" added to the price gezzz; sometimes we pay for the brand's name LOL.


Thank you for sharing this Eunoia, actually, I am planning to buy a keyboard, and this really help me deciding what to buy :)

Yun oh reward yourself with new keyboard from the bunos teacher hehe.

Excellent purchase very nice your keyboard is practical to carry and take it anywhere motivates to buy one your post thanks for sharing. 😃

Thank you, @marivi88. I am more on travel daily from home to place, so handy stuff was much more needed.

For me it is too small lol

I have a long fingers too, but it's fine with typing for me. Thank you @gwajnberg .


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It is super portable, ideal for a laptop.