ASUS ROG 6 Pro 5G: The Smartphone Built For Gamers!

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It seems smartphones just keep coming hotter and better everyday. My last smartphone post was about Solana’s Saga Smartphone for Web3 which was the coolest invention smartphone-wise I’ve seen in the crypto industry.

Most smartphone industries have their specialties. Samsung and Apple are known majorly for their outstanding camera performances, among others. They’re two of the best smartphones out there when considering photography.

Image is designed by me in canva

The phone I’ll be talking about today is The ASUS ROG 6 Pro 5G, special in its own way. It is another beast, but this one is gaming beast. We know how people love gaming and love to play their favorite video games on phone. Problem is, most smartphones are not built for heavy gaming due to variable reasons like low RAM, poor battery life and display or phone heating up during such intense activities. Even though the other smartphones can be used for gaming if you wanted to, this is not what they were built specifically for, and you might risk damaging your device if you persistently use it for heavy gaming.

About The ASUS ROG Phone 6 5G Pro

This smartphone was built specifically for gaming. I don’t know if you’ve heard of ASUS before? I’ve seen it once on a gaming pc my friend had back at school. I always thought ASUS was a Tech company that only specialized in Computers because I’d never seen any other product of theirs. Until today anyways.

Image from androidguys

From the name, you can tell that the phone is ASUS-produced. Just like the Samsung Galaxy S or A series, the ROG is the new and first generation of gaming smartphones that ASUS will be producing. So just like Solana’s Saga Smartphone, you’re looking at the first of it’s kind, and it was released on 5th July this year. What you don’t know is what’s packed inside this phone and that’s what we’ll be looking at next.


Battery Life

I can barely get 7 hours of screen time on my iPhone 11 Pro Max on a full charge, and I don’t even do much aside having my data on the entire time with a bit of WhatsApp and Hive in turns, and maybe my hotspot connected to my PC. Yeah good luck handling heavy gaming.

However, The ASUS ROG 6 5G Pro gives you a 6000mAh battery, which will provide a longer battery life as long as an entire day screentime. The fact that the battery can be recharged with a 65W fast charger in about 42 will come as a SHOCK to you, considering that a full charge that takes only 42 minutes will last an entire day.

Display and Appearance

One very important thing to consider for people who do heavy gaming is display type. This tells you the graphic flaws of the phone. LCD displays perform poorly at higher brightness and OLED displays are vulnerable to contact with water. Knowing what you want or your working conditions will go a long way to help you decide what smartphone display you want.

Image from

The ASUS ROG 6 Pro 5G comes with an AMOLED Display with a layer of Gorilla glass protecting the phone from scratches. The AMOLED Display means that you get wider viewing angles and great colors at a lower battery consumption, and the gorilla glass ensures your phone has that fresh or new look for longer.


This is an aspect we don’t just consider for Gaming PCs, but is pretty important for this phone as well since it’s a mini gaming pc lol. The RAM basically indirectly influence how fast and smooth gameplay will be on the device.

The ASUS ROG 6 Pro 5G rocks an 18GB RAM with an Adreno 730 GPU which smoothes out gameplay and gives you the Pro gaming experience you paid for.

Other Cool Stuff

I’m not going to talk about the camera in detail because this review is not focused on camera aspect of the phone, but the phone still comes with a great 50MP triple camera for the back, and a 5MP for the front.

The phone also has cool accessories like a cooling fan/controller hybrid available for purchase, which will help take your gaming up a notch by preventing overheating and hence slowing down, and giving you more game buttons.

Image from androidguys

Gaming is boring without good sound to liven all the action. Sound is also pretty sick on this device as it has two front facing stereo speakers that adds more vibe to the gaming experience.

I think the 5G attached to the name hints that the phone is 5G equipped and will give very smooth gameplay and downloads close to 5G antennas if any in your area.

Oh and did I also mention that it comes with a 512GB internal memory, but unfortunately is not expandable since it doesn’t have any memory card slots. But hey, this is manageable right? I mean we’re already looking at something like this with Apple. Even though, you could argue Apple has Icloud storage as plan B. I would say that you could also always download some cloud app or something to manage the space. That is if you manage to use up all the 512GB, which is highly unlikely for the average person. Then again, what is the average person doing with a gaming phone? Lol.

Is The ASUS ROG 6 Pro 5G Worth The $2,000 Purchase?

Well, it’ll be good to acknowledge that this is a review of a device neither you nor I have used, so my judgement (and yours) on whether or not you should purchase this device will be entirely based on what you read here, which are my findings on the device. You’ll basically have to trust that the specs of the device are what they say it is, and that it works as excellent as it should.

Having said this, taking a look at the features of the device-battery life, display, heating and ventilation control, RAM and ROM, I THINK this device would be a great device and is worth the purchase if you have the extra cash and you want the best mobile gaming experience.

Even though it’s selling for $2,000 on ebay, it’s currently selling for GHC13,650 in Ghana which is no where close to the actual price according to the exchange rate. It’s price according to the current exchange rate should be GHC29,000 (2,000x14.5). Anyways, exchange rate or not, you bet your ass I can’t afford. But maybe you can, so go get it now.

Image from androidguys

PS: I did my research for this post here and if you want more info and details of this phone, you can check it out.


Asus as a brand are awesome. I've used their products for years. Only the cheap stuff though. I did have one of their basic phones but they don't seem to sell them anymore in Thailand or UK. Everything they make though is incredibly stylish ...unlike me ;-)

Hope you're well my friend. Always great to see you doing well here :-)

Lol so it’s just me that didn’t know ASUS made phoned as well? I’m embarrassed now. The ASUS laptop I saw was pretty stylish though, I agree on that. The design was awesome!

Hope you're well my friend. Always great to see you doing well here :-)

Thanks man, great to see you around too. Now that you’re here, I should tell you about the tons of world cup competitions on going on Hive. The most competitive one and with the biggest prize being the hivebuzz world cup competition game(in my opinion). I know you like football so you’ll probably want to check them out(if you haven’t already) lol.

Thank you for the mention @depressedfuckup ❤️

You have a lovely review here bro but I must admit that $2000 on a phone is a lot of money. How many of us really use our phones for mainly gaming purposes. Asus is a good brand but in the smartphone world I think apple is the number one brand that can value a phone at the price and get away with it. And maybe Samsung too.

I agree on $2,000 being too much for a phone, but I’m going to have to disagree on Apple and Samsung being the only phones in the smartphone industry that can getaway with these high pricing.

I would say that apple’s customers place a priority on what apple offers(which is mostly an improved camera, probably the best on the market). ASUS is playing an entirely different game(no pun intended)

Their customers are invested in gaming and it’ll surprise you how much people in the gaming community are willing to spend for fun. To me and you, gaming is a luxury we can forego, so we don’t place that much value in it. It’s not like that to some people.

Also seeing that there are not many smartphone producers focused on the gaming industry, that just gives ASUS less competition to worry about. And with less competition, you’re king and customers will either have to make the purchase because you’re the only one available, or not get the gaming experience they so much desire.

Well you make a very good point. Maybe there’s no much value for smartphone gaming in our part of the world. Will watch closely how they’re able to get hold of gaming market.

I’ll be watching them closely myself. They’re about to revolutionize the smartphone gaming industry.

This phone is without a doubt a total grossness, 18 gigs of ram? that's another level.

I had heard something about this Asus, but I had never seen in detail what it had, I understand why it is so famous in the gaming world, thanks for sharing.

Yeah the 18GB RAM is craaazy!!! I just realized now I didn’t dramatize it when I was writing the post. A lot of the fastest performing smartphones today run on 8GB Max RAM and this device has twice the RAM. You can only imagine how smooth things will be on it.

Thanks for checking this out, man:)

I can truly say that this is one of the devices that I would like to acquire, no iphone or any samsung, this device is openly adapted for today's maximum gaming demands and it is truly one of my favorites.
great post

It is like I said, the first of its kind. There’s nothing like it in the smartphone industry as we speak, and I’m sure this is only the start of a new smartphone series that’ll revolutionize gaming!

Nah it isnt worth for me

Increíble que un celular cueste 2,000$! Oh Dios, y yo feliz con mi teléfono de gama media, increíble todo lo que ha avanzado la tecnología

Excellent phone is motivating me to sell the one I have and buy an ASUS.

Lol that is a very expensive purchase though. But if you’re that passionate about gaming and want the best gaming experience, then go for it!

First off, love the Canva image you made and how you framed the device (in white) on the right, like the fonts too, well done!

As for the phone, I don't think we have that brand here but I have heard of the company which is known for their computers. I have a 5000 mAh moto G Power and you can never have too much battery, so 6K is great.

It's good to see others gett into the high-end phone market dominated by the best of the best: Apple. You may not have the money to afford it now, but I've every confidence that one day you will. :)

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Yeah the battery is definitely an awesome plus! I haven’t heard of your device until now. I’ll check it out. I check phones out at my free time for fun lol.

Yeah I’m happy to see other brands coming out to conquer other sectors of the smartphone market too. It’s boring having Apple and Samsung leading the entire smartphone market for such a long time.

Haha I hope I get to be able to afford it someday. That’s a great gaming device to have if you have the money.

Thanks for the nice words, man.

I do love ASUS I can say that mny first powerful smartphone was an ASUS. The y make stunning products and the quality is awesome !PIZZA

$2000 is a lot of money, I bought my iphone 12 for about $840 or so last year October, I know it's not a gaming phone, but $2000 for just gaming specifications? Hell no. I think it's cool and all that. It's a beast no doubt. Plus I know of Asus quite well, for brand that's aiming to flip Samsung and iPhone they need to be minimal.

I’m not really sure about whether they want to compete against Apple and Samsung or not, but I think it would be best if they just did their own thing and conquered a different market instead. The gaming market is a great market with no smartphone rulers. They’ll do great there. Better than competing against Samsung and Apple who are more camera/photography-focused.

$2,000 definitely is too much money for just gaming SPECS when we can do our moderate gaming already on our iPhones. For me and you though. We just don’t place that much priority on gaming and don’t have so much interest in it that we would make a $2,000 purchase just because of it.

However, Gamer geeks are going to find several problems and downsides associated with using our iPhones for gaming compared to this device, and will go out of their way to spend that extra cash and make the 2,000 purchase because of how much value they place in gaming. It’s really just a matter of interest and priority.


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