Commodore User (August 1985)

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Cover of the August 1985 issue of Commodore User

Commodore User was one of a number of Commodore specific magazines published in the U.K. In 1985 is was covering the Commodore 64, Commodore 128, and C-16/Plus 4. Of course, the Commodore 64 was the dominant machine. The August 1985 issue includes:


  • News - Commodore releases more info on a planned 512K expansion for the Commodore 128; Datasoft announces plans for Goonies game based on the movie; 1541 compatible disk drive called the Enhancer 2000 released; other new games for the C64 include Winter Games, The Hacker and Kennedy Approach; and more...

  • Terrormolinos! - A look behind the scenes and Melbourne House and the development of Terrormolinos!, an adventure game with a lot of slapstick humor.

  • C-16 Adventure Special - The C-16 was a low-end follow-up to the Commodore 64 (but not compatible). It was not a successful platform and it wouldn't surprise me if the adventure games mentioned here were the only ones that ever existed. Games looked at here include: Scott Adams Classics (Pirate Adventure, Atomic Mission, and Strange Odyssey); Classic Adventure; The Wizard and the Princess; Ten Little Indians; Circus; Escape from Pulsar 7; The Time Machine; Williamsburg Adventure; Mansion Adventure; The Hulk, Spiderman and Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle (more Scott Adams games); and Twin Kingdom Valley.

  • Activision's Music Studio - A review of Activision's Music Studio, a tool for writing music, editing sounds and more. This was one of the better such tools at the time.

  • Going for the President - An interview with the President of Commodore, Marshall Smith. He took over after Jack Tramiel left. Smith was one of a series of CEOs to be hired and fired over the years after Tramiel left. None were great and Smith wasn't one of the better ones among those.

  • Butterfield on Video - Jim Butterfield, one of the most knowledgeable people about Commodore computers there ever was, gives a tutorial here (including sample type-in game) for moving objects across a multi-colored screen using inverted video.

  • Utilities Round-Up - A look at the newest utility software for the Commodore 64 and C-16, including Music Master (C16), MCT Basic (C64), Word Perfect (C16), Super Type (C64), Activity Center (C64), and Star Seeker (C64).

Table of Contents from the August 1985 issue of Commodore User


  • Hotshots - News and rumors about what is going on in the Commodore gaming world. Plus a bunch of hints, tips and cheats for Ghostbusters, Spy vs Spy, Spyhunter, Bounty Bob Strikes Back, Elite, Pitstop II, Rocky Horror Show, Impossible Mission, Motor Mania, Zaxxon, Raid Over Moscow, Trollie Wallie, Booty, Revenge of the Mutant Camels, Daley Thompson's Decathlon, Matrix, Stuntbike, Beach-Head, and more.

  • Happy Hacker - A look at books such as The Hacker's Handboo, Out of the Inner Circle, and The Hacker's Handbook (different book even though it has the same name as the first).

  • Into the Valley - Adventure game news, including: the launch of the Print Technik Digitizer; Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy wins Game of the Year; Midwinter coming soon; Beatle Quest available; horror author James Herbert's Rats as an adventure game coming soon; Soul Gem of Martek out soon; C64 version of The Illustrator coming soon; Level 9 to release Red Moon as a follow-up to Emerald Isle; and Exodus: Ultima III released.

  • Screen Scene - Brief reviews of new games along with screen shots. Games this month include M.U.L.E. (Ariolasoft for the C64), War Machine (Pocket Money Software for the C64), Dropzone (US Gold for the C64), The Chess Game (Micro Classic for the C64), Timeslip (English Software for the C16), Super Gran (Tynesoft for the C16), Sword of Destiny (Gremlin Graphics for the C16), Dork's Dilemma (Gremlin Graphics for the C16), Skyfox (Electronic Arts for the C64), Monster Trivia (US Gold for the C64), Summer Games II (Epyx for the C64), Locomotion (Commodore for the C64 and C16), Kennedy Approach (Microprose for the C64), Action Biker (Mastertronic for the C64), Enigma (Commodore for the C16), Five Aside (Anirog for the C64), International Tennis (Commodore for the C64), and Crazy Painter (Pocket Money Software for the C64).

Back cover of the August 1985 issue of Commodore User

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