AN ALTERNATE WORLD IN FALLOUT? apparently it is so

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How about all gamer friends from @geekzone here with a new post about fallout new vegas which I realized that the one I downloaded contains different dls or expansions and the one I am in is in what seems like an alternate dimension or world


In this kind of dimension or alternate world one wakes up almost naked and after advancing a bit you realize that the technology is a little different from what you see in Fallout, it is a little more advanced in some aspects and you realize that the character itself that you use is no longer the same, NO SPOILERS in case they play it



Here you realize that there are very good weapons, in terms of armor I would say that only one is the good one which speaks to you, that is the armor that speaks and indicates some things and uses healing objects without having to use them manually Going back to the weapons, there are some that are excellent and some are essential to advance in this dlc



As for the enemies, they are also varied, some of them are crazy with whom they experimented, which by the way one has a lot to do with it, the others are clothes, robots and cyborgs, and there are others that I really like that are skeletons in suits spacey those are my favorites



Another thing that I like is that to advance you must get objects that are not only from missions but also to be used WITHOUT SPOILERS so I will keep this quiet but in some aspects they are repetitive but in the long run good things are achieved


And if one collaborates in this adventure? Well, in a war between robotic beings that were human long ago and now are robotic screens with brains, I don't want to give more information about this because the idea is that if you have the opportunity to play it then do it, this adventure is something strange but I like it

And well here ends the post of the day in this community of #geekzone we will see each other in another occasion with more of this adventure in fallout new vegas



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