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RE: WhiteNoise Generator : How Effective Is it To Be Productive or Studying With it?

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Hi Mac, great to have you here!

Excellent application you bring us today with a very good analysis, clearly I'm going to try it, I'm a fan of white noise, sometimes I use my cell phone with Spotify and I play hair dryer noises to sleep, yes it may sound weird, but it works and relaxes me at the same time, giving me a good hours of sleep.

Greetings and be well!


You do? well spotify works the same way but I just prefer this app for its simplicity and because I am not on spotify. What's your favorite sound to listen to?

My favorite sound is certainly the sound of a hair dryer, that sound calms me down and relaxes me a lot. Yes, I've been testing the application and it really is very simple, thanks for the recommendation!