Setting up Laptops for the Kids...

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This has taken quite a long time to get moving... I had hoped to have this done about half a year ago, but moving country and settling down in a new home and country, plus the regular business of working and all of that stuff... well, it puts a lot of things down the list of priorities. But my kids have really wanted to have some laptops to use... and I have a few of the older ones lying around that just need to be brought up to date with patches and updates, and then just locked up so that the kids don't end up borking them completely...

... they don't really need laptops, as they are from a generation that much prefers touchscreens and tablets, but I think that the concept of just having one like their mother and father is strong... and I guess that having one to use exclusively, instead of sharing with the whole family is another thing that is sort of important as a child... it doesn't have to be a good one, but just one that they call their own. In fact, the little one would just open up the netbook just to admire it after I told her that I would set it up for her...

So, I have a really old netbook that was running the AMD version of the Atom processor on the left for the little one... and a Core machine on the right for the older girl. Initially, I had thought that this would be a breeze... making the netbook a Chromebook, and just tidying up the wife's hand-me-down on the right for the older one (whilst keeping Windows on it...).

Sadly... nothing ever seems to ever go that easily... the netbook isn't supported for the Chromebook port, and so it needs to stay on Windows... and let me tell you, sluggy would be a really polite way to describe it... not that it really matters for the little one, she would only be watching Netflix or some thing like that on it... but I have had it installing updates for the better part of the last day! And using the touchpad is an exercise in horror... I have no idea why these things ever really took off! There is a point when cheap is just crap...

Meanwhile, I thought that the newer Core machine would have no problems... but of course, there is a Windows update that keeps borking itself. Who knows what the hell the problem is... I will have to look it up. Actually, while I'm looking at the photo... perhaps I will try it again, and remove that USB mouse receiver... I know that I have had problems in the past with something borking just because there was something plugged into the USB port! If that makes it work, then it is a lot less of a pain in the arse than nuking the whole thing and doing all of the drivers... although, the Intel Update agent does make things a whole lot less painful than it used to be!

Well... I guess I will have to leave the netbook running for the next week whilst it slowly downloads and installs updates... that should hopefully be only a matter of patience (mine and the little one...)... and I'm hoping that the Schenker will just do its thing after the USB is unplugged, but if not... I guess that it isn't such a big deal to reinstall Windows again... I still have an aversion to it from old days... but the last time I did it, it was pretty straight-forward and painless!

.. hoping for the same again!

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I hope they eventually update... Be careful with how many times you reinstall Windows... I've heard that the number of times you can do it on the same license is limited, to avoid using it on different machines.

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