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I guess that this is a problem that most people with a passing interest in technology and gadgets will have... the boxes of stashed cables, wall warts, and old hardware... all waiting for the right moment to be pulled out to use, with a "TOLD YOU SO!" to your spouse after you had been hoarding a little known cable for the last decade or two and lugged from one side of the planet and back!

I had already been through a good chunk of cables when we left the Netherlands, and threw out lots of cables that were essentially useless and would likely (hopefully...) never see any use ever again. All I can say is, thank goodness for the USB standards... I had forgotten how shitty it was to have all those barrel plugs for all sorts of things... with little stupid physical modifications to make sure that each appliance needed the charger that was shipped with the product.

Cable and Hardware sorting.jpg

However, as soon as I had pruned a whole heap of stuff, the cables and old hardware sat in boxes and tubs for the last year whilst we had more pressing issues to deal with. Partly, it was the sheer dread of trying to untangle cables and trying to figure out what was still useful or not... and one of our relatives had just left for overseas and I had the pick of their cable boxes.... to the sheer horror of my wife, and the sheer delight of the other side!

Cable and Hardware sorting.jpg

But I had noticed that the other guy had carefully looped and tied up all their cables... definitely an idea that I was going to pinch in order to make life easier than that Gordian knot mess that I currently had...

Cable and Hardware sorting.jpg

... and this was what kicked off the cable sorting frenzy. My little one had wanted to play with her remote control car... but it was out of battery, and the charging cable (proprietary...) was somewhere in those boxes of cables and hardware. Somewhere... plus, I needed to rationalise the cabling and charging points in our house... and I'm desperately avoiding doing the last of hte accounting for crypto.

Cable and Hardware sorting.jpg

So, a couple of hours in... and I have tubs of wall warts, chargers, cables, and hardware... all sorted and tied up to avoid tangles. Easy to locate everything, and easy to pull stuff out without picking up the entire tangled mess! So, three boxes down.... and I think I have 4 more to go. Plus, my wife is nagging me to figure out what to do with two desktop PCs... apparently leaving them under the harpsichord isn't a long-term solution.

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Just a few days after you drop to trash some old cable is the exact time when do you need that cable 😂. Always happend to me.

Oooh no! Don't say that...

Excellent post my friend!

We should always organize our things with a good inventory so that when it's time to look for something we have it at hand.

Ah yes... but good intentions meet practical real life! Sadly... I've not always managed to be that organised!

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