Quiz - Santa Jump Game Devlog #2

in Geek Zone10 months ago

Hello. Let’s speak about new modifications I brought to the game.

First thing is a snow covering objects: building, windows.
Also, I wanted to enrich the scene with new staff. And I added snowman, swings, sandbox, Christmas tree and a street lantern.


Next was menu with gifts. You see I was thinking of how to involve people to watch ads, as a reward. So I enhanced the gift system. When user gathers gift, there will be something in it. Like a car, boat, banana, sofa etc. And there will be several gifts on the way to the roof. You see, Santa Jump is a vertical platformer. But at the end there will be a quiz for player in which he needs to match giftboxes with gifts. And that’s it!


And if user wants a hint he can watch adds and get it, so he moves to next level. But it’s not required if you remember the exact comparing couples.


Also, I added some sounding surrounding for menu, buttons.
For now, that’s all!

If you want to ask me some questions about game development or be the first testers, welcome to Discord Server: https://discord.gg/FtMrUaaBw3

What the full cycle of Santa Jump:

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