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RE: Oraimo SoundView Unboxing || What I think about this device

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It usually happens to many of us that the expectation is one and when we see the product purchased online we have mixed feelings, I like how you see the time perfectly in the dark, it is a nuisance when you wake up in the middle of the night and do not know what time it is and must look for the phone, I hate that, too bad it is half complicated to configure it, about the sound in my case there comes a time when the music so loud stuns me. I hope you enjoy your purchase.


Yeah... This my situation is the exact description you described. Seeing the time in the dark is one feature I love about the product. I am enjoying it really well.

Would you get this type of product if you have it available at your region?

It is very likely that yes, because it seems to me an excellent and practical tool.