Razer Kraken Kitten Bluetooth Headphones Unboxing (VEDA Day 13)

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Today I will be unboxing those cat headphones you see a lot of lets players/streamers
use in their videos/live streams. I decided to buy me a pair and check them out.
I've bought a set of kat headphones from 5 below. You may have seen me
wearing them in past lets plays. The small ear cushion really hurt my ears.
You may have seen me in previous Twitch VODs (especally towards the end of my
Last Of Us 2 stream play) I had to keep taking the headphones
off because they hurt my ears so much. For context on why "VEDA" is in the title is I am
doing a daily vlogging challenge which I include my unboxing/reviews.
I bought this at Gamestop while I was out. I was eagar to unbox them. Let me tell you,
the cusion on these headphones are so comfy. I like having wiress headphones to keep
my desk less cluttered with a bunch of chords.
The headphones have a thing to control the volumn which I find useful if I am playing
a loud game or I want to make sure the game's sound and my voice are
at the correct level. Sometimes the headphones don't give me the best view.
The game can be loud for me with the headphones then a viewer can join
a stream and not hear the game.
I also mention in the video when I wore the previous headphones for long stream/lets
play sessions is when it starts to hurt my ears.
You may have seen me wearing a black pair in my videos, those also have the wide
cusion which felt better on my ears. I just wanted a wireless headset.

I also bought a nice little stand from Amazon that can accomidate more than
one pair of headphones
Not sure how to add photos through Threespeak
Thats why I link a blog post. if there is something I forgot to mention, I add it there.
I also show you how I connected the headphones to my computer.
These headphones only work for a computer, they won't work for phones. The clerk at
Gamestop told me that. Man its hard coming up with 500 works with a 2 minute video.
I would say the battery lasts about 8 hours or so. I usually charge them
before I stream or do a lets play. The headphones are a biut pricey but nice.
There are alternatives you can buy if these are out of your budget.
I did forget to add the photos that I took. Again thats why I made a blog post
so I can add info I forgot to include in my video. That way you guys have extra info.
This is the first unboxing I did in a long time. When I don't do something
consistantly, I tend to get rusty.
Glam up your gaming set up with these cool headphones. If you got any questions, feel free to ask away. This post will be scheduled so give me time to get online.
Towards the end of the video I explain Iam glad I can get better equipment for my channel.
Thats it for my little unboxing video.
I mentioned the headphones on my blog to add things I may have forgotten:https://gamingwithjazz.com/the-best-equipment-for-youtube/

I'll be back for another review

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it's cute.


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