New Laptop Unboxing

in Geek Zone2 months ago

After struggling since 2018 to come up with the money for a new laptop, after my old one broke, I am finally able to buy a new one. Unlike my old sucky laptop, this one can run more editors and exporting doesn't take nearly as long.
When I first started YouTube, I used an old sucky Toshiba laptop my folks bought me for school. In 2018, it quit working. 2009-2018. 8 years is a decent life span for a laptop since according to google, laptops last 3-5 years. So I really took care of it for it to last that long.
My mom let me use the desktop she bought for school since she was done with school. I could not run any editors due to lag. The only editor that worked as Filmora. it has a feature where you can render a preview for better editing. When I edited an Undertale video, I added the background blur since the game is not in full screen. I'd go to be around 12 and get up at 3am for a drink and the render would still be going. So renders took forever.

This laptop rendered my videos 2xs faster.


I'm glad you were able to buy a laptop so you can work better at what you do. I was left with the question of knowing what are its features, how much RAM it has and what is its processor. As a suggestion, maybe in next unbonxing you can add pictures in your post, to know more details about the product. The more information you put in your post, the more information the community will know about the product.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos of the things I unbox (unless you count the image I took for the thumbnail. I had a flash drive for these things but it got corrupt and I lost everything on it, so I cannot add any photos (not sure if you mean in the video or the blog) since all of these were prerecorded. If you want details I'll have to find the product on Amazon; they list the specs and features there.