How To Record Your PS4 Gameplay With A Capture Card


In today's video, I will show you how you can record your gameplay with a capture card. The capture card I am about to show you is the Elgato. You may be asking yourself why should you buy a capture card. I had a ton of issues during my content production before I got this capture device. Well the issues I had before I bought this is

  • the game was louder than me when I played the clip back because I had no way of knowing how the audio levels were
  • I've delayed series on my channel due to having to re-record because the game was so loud you could barely hear me
  • On the PS4's recorder you can only record up to an hour
  • With the PS4's recorder, you can't record PS now games
  • Loading the footage from the console to my computer with a flash drive took so much time
    After issue and after issue, I got fed up and said enough! I decided to use my stimulus check and get myself an Elgato. I also was on the fence with streaming and I figured it will be easier if I had this device

After I bought this capture card

  • I can save my footage right to my computer
  • no more having to load my footage to a flash drive each time
  • I can look at my audio levels to make sure the game isn't louder than my voice
  • I can make sure my mic is on
  • I can record for as long as I want to.
  • When streaming, I can switch scenes when I need to.

How to set up your Elgato (PS4)
As to pulling up the monitor screen on your OBS, you do it just like I did in the video I've provided you. The guild is to help you if you're confused about what cables go where.

  • On your PS4, go into its settings and uncheck "enable HDCP"
  • You should have 2 HDMI chords with your Elgato. The OUTPUT chord goes into your TV/monitor. The chord that came with your PS4 goes into the INPUT hole. - Then the USB cord goes into your computer.
  • Some people will tell you to download the Elgato software. I don't use it. All I use is OBS.
    The settings for OBS, all depend on your computer and what it can handle. I will make a separate video on the best OBS settings. This is why it's important to do test recordings/streams until you pick the setting that works. Everyone's system is different and it's hard to tell what will work on what computer

I will link a blog post as well. I do this to add the info I may have forgotten to add in the original video.

In this video, I explain briefly why you should get an Elgato, how I set mine up and how I set up my scene in OBS studio. OBS is free to use

Here is the blog post:

If you decided to purchase this, I hope your gaming experience is the best