5 Below YouTube/Vlogging Gear Haul (a test run with my new gorilla tri-pod and Grip included)

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Today I will be doing a 5 Below gaming haul. While I was at 5 Below, I went to get some gaming stuff for my
channel. I unbox things for both gaming AND vlogs; from time to time I will do some vlogs.
I got
a grip for my phone. When vlogging on your phone, holding the phone in your hand makes your footage shaky, this grip helps you out

I bought a gorilla tripod. This can also help vlogs. Say I want footage making coffee, I can set the phone up in the tri-pod.

I got a wireless mouse for if I want to take my laptop to let's say Starbucks, I can make blog posts still. If you are a vlogger and you wanna edit on the go. Or maybe you're traveling and want to do some editing. Or if I want to prep some videos. It's easier to edit with a mouse. The webcam comes in handy for sit-down vlogs, unboxings/reviews, etc.
I also do a little test run with the tri-pod and the grip.