Dayz of Noah Documentary: Weird Science – Understanding the New World ‘Normal’

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In this video I have uploaded an October 9, 2021 documentary by the Dayz of Noah YouTube channel titled: Weird Science - Understanding the New World "Normal". This documentary discusses the group psychology and mainstream media narrative building techniques used during the COVID psychological operation. Such techniques were powerful enough to lockdown the entire world and reset humanities perception for acceptable tyranny.

Dayz states that this documentary involves excerpts from his essay titled: "The Fool" - Weird Science in the New World "Normal". I am currently in pursuit of obtaining this essay. Note that "The Fool" is in reference to a card in the famous Tarot cards deck, and represents a beggar or music playing jester:

Note also that in the video Dayz references a few times the terms "infectious disease", "the flu", "virus", and other mainstream science terms which I consider to be more rooted in assumptions of pathological particles than actual empirical evidence. Nonetheless, Dayz deep expertise in psychology and his articulate presentation provide great insights in the psychological mechanisms involved in transitioning entire populations towards a predefined path. This path of course is to bring about a global digital technocratic control grid where eventually every thought will be tracked, traced, and adjusted.

The original video link as well as the alternative reupload link that I used are listed below:

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