Noble Prize Winning PCR Test Founder Kary Mullis Criticizes PCR Testing and HIV/AIDS Theory

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This is a very well done video by Jamie Delux regarding some medical controversies in the past several decades that the mainstream press hardly covers. Kary Banks Mullis, whom coincidentally died on August 7, 2019 just before Corona, had previously publicly voiced his concern the medical PCR test was being misinterpreted in diagnosis purposes because doctors would reify the resulting quantification of desired bacteria detection. This concern stems from the PCR or "polymerase chain reaction" technique of greatly scaling up amount of even the tiniest amount of bacteria which could very well be present in most people. Note that Kary Mullis is the founder of the PCR test in which he shared the Noble Prize in Chemistry with Michael Smith for their discovery.

Even more interestingly, Kary had spoken out about not being able to find a single study that would prove the mainstream talking point of "HIV causes AIDS". Note that HIV stands for "human immunodeficiency virus" and AIDS is "Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome". This further illustrates Dr. Andrew Kaufman's hypothesis that mainstream germ theory itself needs to be completely reexamined.

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